B a c k   T o   T h o u g h t s

It’s us. We’re the culprit.

Ask anyone who’s done it: designing for your own brand is more challenging than any other project out there. Why? Because our site sets a precedent for our excellence; the process was about walking the line between outstanding (in which we do our talent justice) and perfection (an unachievable concept that can lead to endless revisions). Thanks to our collective hustle, our launch successfully coincided with moving into our incredible new office space.

Our website is our baby.

The culmination of all of our hard work. The representative of our brand. The 24/7 storefront that welcomes visitors, charms them, and gathers their contact information for our next conversation. Like any businesses’ site, it was paramount that we nailed it—but we had to go several steps beyond that. Being a design agency with a hyper-focus on web deliverables, our site had to contain a high-level of thought-leadership encapsulated within the design; it had to offer something unexpected and valuable. During the creative process, it felt like what brain scientists describe as knocking on the ceiling of their own limits—because the tool they use to discover more about the brain is…the brain.

In short: it was meta. It was the fantastic kind of challenge. And launching? It felt glorious.

“Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.”
– Albert Einstein

Logo & Typography

When you’re in the branding business, generating an iconic logo is key. Our goal was to create stand-out boldness paired with a simultaneous fluidity, able to blend with any environment. In order to craft a logo with these two seemingly opposite qualities, we focused on a mathematical, structured approach.

For our website font, we intentionally selected Times New Roman. This classic, timeless typeface not only fit the profile of a font that could accomplish our goals, using it also proves that any concept can be conveyed beautifully when placed in capable hands. As long as tried-&-true design guidelines can marry nuance and innovation, anything is possible.

Our Portfolio: Less is more, even when you have more, and more, and…

When you’ve got thousands of projects under your belt, choosing a select few to represent your company is like describing yourself in 3 words—most people are way more complex than that! But one of the biggest mistakes we see online are portfolios crammed with tons of pieces, crowding each other out and swinging elbows. And who wants to weed through that mess? Our strategy to alleviate this dilemma is revolving our favorite pieces every few months, keeping our content fresh and exciting for viewers and prospective partners.

Discovering and developing your brand voice is a journey, not a destination.

The worst thing a brand can do is cease to evolve. We dove deep to discover our current voice, shift into speaking with our new audiences, and honor the “ah-ha” moments that cracked our new “brand-code.” We crafted language that balanced a polished, professional perspective with the fresh voice of a youthful team. The process, while grueling at times, paid off big time in an unmistakable, luminary-level language that could only be ours.

Ready to look around? Start with our featured projects, or glimpse at our expanded services list. Or maybe it’s time to chat. Hit us up over here.

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