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The Latest Marketing Automation Tools For Legal Professionals

As a legal professional, you are no stranger to an overwhelming workload. Keeping track of numerous clients, staying up-to-date with ever-evolving laws and regulations, all while managing your firm can be quite the challenge. That's where marketing automation tools come in. These sophisticated tools help streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, in turn, increasing operational efficiency and growing revenue faster.

Dan Bowen

Dan Bowen

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Published: May 28, 2019
Last Updated: April 30, 2024
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The Latest Marketing Automation Tools For Legal Professionals

Let's dive into some of the latest marketing automation tools designed specifically for legal professionals. We assure you, these tools aren't just buzzwords - they actually reduce tedious work and help you and your firm achieve greater productivity.

  • Clio: Clio is more than just a legal practice management software. It’s also a robust marketing automation platform that provides client intake, engagement, and retention tools. This means you can automate a part of your marketing while ensuring your clients receive personalized attention.

  • Rocket Matter: Rocket Matter isn't just about making your billing process smoother; it also provides automation for your marketing needs. You can use this tool to take care of email campaign design, social media posting, and performance tracking.

  • Infusionsoft by Keap: Specifically designed for small businesses, Infusionsoft provides all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation. The tool is excellent for legal firms looking to grow their clientele while keeping existing ones satisfied.

Remember, the right tool doesn't replace your personal touch with clients; it enhances your capability to provide it. With these automation tools, you can focus on your clients' core legal needs while the software takes care of repetitive tasks. The increased efficiency and effectiveness can dramatically improve both client satisfaction and your firm's bottom line.

Transforming Legal Practices Through Marketing Automation

As a legal professional, it's imperative to stay on top of the latest technological advancements for the sake of efficiency and timely client communication. Let's dive deeper into some of the most innovative solutions making waves in the realm of legal marketing automation today.

HubSpot, an industry-leading marketing automation tool, features a range of functionalities that legal professionals can leverage for effective client communication, lead nurturing, and content marketing. From email marketing to social media management, it has it all, making it a powerful multitool in your legal marketing toolbox. You can explore more about HubSpot here.

Another trailblazer in marketing automation is Pardot. Owned by Salesforce, it integrates seamlessly into Salesforce’s CRM platform, allowing legal professionals to consolidate their data and marketing efforts. With features like lead scoring and email marketing, Pardot helps to enrich interaction with clients. Learn more about Pardot's features here.

For the legal professional who demands simplicity, Mailchimp might just be your match. This platform is perfect for those who want a straightforward approach to email marketing. Standout features include their beautiful email templates and ease of managing mailing lists. Check out what MailChimp has to offer here.

Finally, there's ActiveCampaign. This tool offers an incredibly sophisticated level of marketing automation, including email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales automation features. It's a comprehensive solution for the legal pro who wants the best of everything in one place. Learn more about ActiveCampaign here.

Whether it's improving client communication, nurturing leads, or streamlining content marketing, these cutting-edge marketing automation tools make the task significantly easier and more effective. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to take your legal practice to the next level with the help of these formidable digital tools.

Why a Law Firm Needs to Automate

Many legal professionals work 70-100 hours per week or more, but this still isn't enough time to complete all of their duties and offer high levels of service that their clients expect from them. Think about the tasks that eat into your firm's time — writing contracts, proof-reading documents, filing court claims, etc. Sure, your firm could hire more administrative staff to alleviate the workload, but this will impact your bottom line. Fortunately, there is a solution, and the answer is automation tools. These tools execute the following tasks:

  • Streamline workflows
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Increase the value of customer services

By using automation, you will streamline your billable hours, increase the efficiency of your legal work, and significantly increase profitability. Still not convinced? Research suggests that current technology replaces around 2 percent of a lawyer's total workload every year. This might not sound like a lot, but it could equate to hundreds to thousands of working hours and thousands to millions of dollars saved for your firm.

So, What Can You Automate?

Automation used to sound like science fiction for a legal practice, but now it's a reality. Sure, robots won't be representing defendants in court any time soon, but automation tools will benefit many areas of law practice, including the following:

1. Contract Reviews

Legal professionals can now use AI to review contracts based on their firm's predefined policies. Websites like LawGeex expedite this entire process, and users will receive notifications about unacceptable or missing contract clauses, for example. Using a tool like this can save you a considerable amount of time when reviewing contracts. In fact, LawGeex achieved 10 percent more accuracy compared to a real lawyer. Plus, it was faster than a human being at screening a non-disclosure agreement! 

2. Documents

Products like HotDocs let you automate transactional legal documents — standard correspondence, complex wills, trusts, contracts, you name it. Document automation tools like this can also pull information from your practice management system, reducing the time it takes to generate legal documents.

3. CRM and Email Communications

Automation tools will streamline many of the processes involved in customer relationship management (CRM) and email communications. Use the latest tech to declutter your inbox, organize contacts, and monitor prospects as they progress through your communication funnels. Additionally, you can create personalized journeys for leads, which will improve user engagement and foster a deeper relationship with your target audience. Find out more about CRM systems for lawyers here. Combine these automation tools with customer support solutions such as Zendesk or Freshdesk for even more explosive results.

4. Client Intake

The client intake process is essential but can also be very time-consuming. Automating this process, however, will free up time when gathering client data before a preliminary meeting or phone call.

5. Agreement Templates and Proposal Automation

Think about how much time your firm spends developing proposals for clients. Automate this manual process, instead. The latest proposal tools allow your firm to seamlessly set up templates and can provide you with real-time analytics that offer unparalleled insights into your prospects — information such as opens, clicks, and time spent reviewing documents can be helpful metrics to analyze when developing your firm's marketing approach. Qwilr is a proposal automation tool that will help your firm create quotes, contracts, and other sales documents without breaking a sweat.


Automation solutions are already boosting productivity and efficiency in the legal industry. Your law firm might be wary about incorporating new technology into its practice, but these tools will streamline workloads, nurture business development, and let your staff focus on other areas of work. Don't get left behind, start integrating these tools now to propel your firm ahead of your competition tomorrow.

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