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WordPress Theme Websites vs. Custom Web Design

There are two basic ways to build a website: by using a template (theme), and by hiring a custom web design company. There are pluses and minuses to both – which depend on your unique business needs and budget.

Dan Bowen

Dan Bowen

Founder + CEO
Published: September 14, 2015
Last Updated: April 22, 2024
(Web Design/Web Development)

BOWEN is a custom web design company. It’s in our best interest to promote our company over a website template service. But just to earn your trust, we’ll fill you in on the advantages of choosing one of our competitors.

In the end, only you can choose the best option for your website. All we can do is help you make the best decision based on the facts. Knowledge is power – and school is officially in session.

Using a WordPress Template (Theme)

Two words come to mind when describing a website template service – quick and easy. In just one day, you could launch an attractive website without any coding knowledge. Today, it’s easier than ever to tweak the appearance and add core functionality. The solution is a popular website platform known as WordPress.

WordPress is among the simplest ways to build a website by using a template. For the design, just download and install the popular theme of your choice. Want to add core features and functionality? Simply search the web for the latest plug-in or widget. Easy peasy.

Flexible as it is powerful, WordPress powers more than 75 million websites. Nearly 15 percent of the top million sites in the world use WordPress. It’s a fantastic platform – but there are limitations.

One downside is the learning curve. There are complex components, just as there are simple and straightforward ones. The more complex the features – like forms and e-commerce – the more limited the options. Built-in features and functionality – especially the ones you don’t need – can also weigh the website down.

Certain designs or features may not fit your brand or business. If you don’t understand code, then you’ll have to pay someone to change it. Changing the code puts your website at risk of crashing as new updates and upgrades roll out.

Ultimately, the quick and easy process of using a template can cost more time and money in the long run. Besides, do you really want a cookie-cutter web design that looks exactly like a hundred other websites using the same theme? Probably not.

Chances are you want a professional, custom-made web design to set your brand apart. That’s where we come in.

Hiring a Custom Web Design Company

One of the best things about hiring a custom web design company like BOWEN? We do all the heavy lifting for you. At every stage of the process, there’s an expert to turn your web design dreams into a reality.

Our design team tailors your creative to your unique business and customers. Our development team determines the best way for your site to function. Our digital marketing and strategy team discovers the best SEO terms for your campaign. Everything we do – we do it to help you get the type of ROI you want from your website.

Custom web design is about more than just aesthetics. Of course, we always take the time to make your unique brand clear and consistent. But just as important as the look and feel of your website is its functionality. There’s a way you want your website to behave – and Bowen Media is here to make that happen.

The Best Choice for Your Brand

It’s entirely possible to build a website with WordPress – and make it function to fit your needs. However, expect to spend a large chunk of that time learning the ropes. Again, the learning curve is steep – especially for newbies.

Bowen Media’s design team has built hundreds of websites with WordPress. Our designers and developers can simply do more with the platform. Best of all, we can build your website with WordPress – and teach you how to use it.

Imagine all the benefits of our web design expertise – combined with the ability to easily manage your website down the road. It’s the best of both worlds. Just put Bowen Media behind the wheel and focus on what you do best – building your business.

Bowen Media is the web design company driven by digital fluency, creative innovation, and client success. Contact us today for a custom website tailored to your unique brand and business.

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