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Real Estate Web Design: Closing the Deal

Homebuyers searching for properties and industry resources want a streamlined experience. Smart commercial real estate web design is simple yet sophisticated. A professional web design company can deliver on both – by merging features with function.

Published: October 03, 2015
Last Updated: April 29, 2024
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The real estate industry values beauty and elegance – and real estate web design should do the same. Of course, visually stunning websites for realtors are important – to encourage visitors to stay awhile. But a user-friendly interface is of equal importance (for more on user-friendliness, check out Bowen Media’s top ten things to know about UI/UX web design).

Homebuyers searching for properties and industry resources want a streamlined experience. Smart commercial real estate web design is simple yet sophisticated. A professional web design company can deliver on both – by merging features with function.

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

Well, if real estate is the world’s safest investment, then a strong digital presence is the second safest one. Imagine generating twice th business without physically hunting for prospective buyers. The great thing about a strong digital presence – it brings the clients to you.

Ready to make real estate web design work for you? Let’s explore the many ways you can reap the rewards of a world-class website and digital marketing campaign.

Build trust, confidence, and comfort.

Potential buyers need the confidence from a realtor that their investment is a wise one. A professional website and strong digital presence sends that all-important message loud and clear. Smart real estate web design features details about the project, features and amenities, the look and feel, and the pricing. Here’s some real estate web design inspiration to get you started.

A well thought out and implemented digital campaign, focused on the buyer’s needs, also increases comfort level and ease of doing business. The end result is less confusion, more trust, and a more transparent and efficient dealing.

Always ahead of the trends.

Real estate is a valuable and often expensive purchase. It’s the reason home buyers conduct comprehensive research before venturing out into the real estate abyss. And where does most of that research take place? On the web! In real estate web design, an effective and captivating site can make or break a home sale. Closing the deal means staying ahead of the real estate web design trends.

The classic and sophisticated look.

As a property realtor, you want to be known as reliable and well-established. Homebuyers want a realtor who is dependable, steadfast and time-tested. Today, many brands opt for a sleek, modern web design – but realtors do better with a classic and sophisticated look. A professional real estate web design company on top of the trends can build that ideal look and feel to perfection. If you’re searching for the perfect real estate web design partner, check out Bowen Media’s If you’re searching for the perfect real estate web design partner, check out Bowen Media’s ten tips for hiring a web design company.

Focus on image-heavy design.

One of the top reasons home buyers turn to the web – convenience. Why travel to a property when you can scope out the pictures online? Image-heavy real estate web design is a growing trend – with no signs of slowing down any time soon. But it also requires a combination of professional photography, formatting and implementation. A web design company can build image-heavy real estate websites far more effectively than a realtor with a website template.

The power of a photo gallery.

A photo gallery is the perfect complement to image-heavy real estate web design. Think of the images as the feature, and the portfolio as the function. A web design company can design and code a powerful portfolio to help website visitors easily explore properties. Remember, home buyers want to experience property on the web – long before visiting the physical location. A seamless photo gallery is one of the most effective tools in real estate web design.

Don’t forget a property locator.

If location is the most important factor for a home buyer, then a property locator is the most important function for a real estate website. Looking to build the perfect property locator to improve the user experience? A web design company can design and code a custom real estate locator with various input fields. Property type, property features, price range, zip code, etc. – anything to help home buyers easily narrow down their search.

More than an online presence.

We already know buyers and sellers begin their real estate journeys in the digital world. We search for listings. We seek answers to questions. In most cases, we turn to the Internet first and to a real estate agent second. To say that every realtor needs a quality real estate web design is an understatement.

On digital media – especially a website – you can get personal with the messaging. You can easily connect to the buyer. A website is your chance to show you understand the emotions of a buyer – and cater to their needs. The more customization on your website, the closer you bring the business to the buyer.

Of course, when people search, it’s your business presence and listings you want them to find. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Real estate digital marketing – it’s not what you think.

The best digital marketing strategy for the real estate industry seems obvious. Just generate traffic and get as many leads as possible, right? Not exactly. This common strategy is shortsighted at best – and a waste of time and money at worst. The problem? You don’t just want traffic. You want relevant traffic. It’s the only surefire way to attract leads and eventually, clients.

In the real estate industry, the list of poorly run digital marketing campaigns goes on. Stuffing blog posts with keywords. Blowing up Facebook news feeds with property updates. Blasting email messages to entire databases. Draining bank accounts on AdWords campaigns. Shotgun marketing tactics may generate visitors. But how many of those visitors convert to clients? It’s not a numbers game in real estate – it’s a quality game.

Can you get triple the leads?

Digital marketing has become an art and a science – not something you throw at the wall to see what sticks. Implemented by a team of professionals, digital marketing can be a lucrative channel for the real estate industry.Digital marketing done correctly can increase real estate leads by 300%.

Digital marketing for the real estate industry involves more than just Google Search advertising. SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing all have the potential to deliver value. The most important digital marketing asset of all is a visually attractive and content-rich website.

A direct touch point for buyers.

More than an advantage over the competition, digital marketing serves as a direct touch point with potential buyers. Buyers want a personalized buying experience, especially on high monetary value purchases. An active online presence – a place to engage with prospective buyers – is more than ideal.

The best medium for buyers.

Of course, brand awareness and lead generation top the real estate professional’s list of core objectives. Digital marketing achieves these two goals more effectively than traditional advertising. Compared to conventional mediums of marketing – TV, radio and print – digital marketing is supreme.

Combined with the resources of an expert real estate web design team, a realtor can generate leads and clients in the digital world. Potential buyers today are more tech-savvy than ever before, making it easier to engage them in this medium.

And now – the kicker.

Here’s the kicker. With the digital landscape as your main medium, you can measure every detail to track down ROI. More than just a targeted and measurable campaign, digital media makes it easy to modify the campaign at any time. You can track anything and everything – including personalized messages via email and SMS. Optimizing ROI is the best part – a huge advantage when merely measuring ROI on any other medium is near impossible.

Build your online presence.

Building your online presence can add tremendous value to your real estate business. But it’s not the job of a real estate professional to understand the tactics and strategies of a design and marketing team. Web development, the user experience, search engine marketing and optimization, branding, and conversion tactics – all require a strategic partner. Bowen Media is the partner you’re searching for.

Want to join the list of the top real estate agent websites? Bowen Media is an award-winning web design company with a strong portfolio of real estate clients. Browse our most recent work and discover what our web design team can do for you. Start a project today for professional real estate web design and hosting to boost your business and brand.

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