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Mobile Marketing: What Your CMO Needs to Know

3.65 billion (with a B). No, it’s not Mark Cuban’s net worth. It’s not how much Coca-Cola owes in federal income tax liability (although it’s close). Incredibly, it’s the number of unique mobile users around the world.

Published: September 26, 2015
Last Updated: May 16, 2024
(Digital Marketing)

Google now recommends mobile-friendliness as a major ranking signal. For more on Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm, check out Bowen Media’s Post Mobilegeddon Website Survival Guide.

As the numbers rise (check out these mind-blowing stats about mobile marketing) so will the next breed of mobile marketing strategies. From mobile search advertising to SMS text messaging, Bowen Media holds the key to tomorrow’s success. Grab your CMO and consider these smart new ways to make the most of the latest mobile marketing trends.

More Than Mobile-Friendly

They say big things come in small packages. Smartphones are no exception. Despite the smaller screen, consumers expect the same desktop-size user experience on a mobile device. With smartphones always within an arm’s reach, no smart marketer can ignore the power of mobile-friendliness.

Responsive web design – which scales the design to fit the device – kills (at least) two birds with one stone. Mobile and desktop users alike get the ideal user experience. Of course, a dynamic website with mobile-specific content and a mobile-friendly display is ideal. But the devil is in the details.

Smart mobile marketing also means focusing on the needs of the end user. Consumers want specific information while mobile (hours, location, click-to-call phone number, special offers, etc.). A little information – especially the right information -goes a long way in mobile marketing. Find out what your mobile users want – and meet them at the door.

Google’s VIP Club

It’s no secret Google is the biggest player in not just mobile search – but search in general. Most businesses and brands know how to optimize a website for Google. The old “enter popular search phrase here” technique is still relatively effective. But there’s more to mobile search optimization than keywords.

First, consider our previous point about mobile-friendly web design. Google now regards responsive web design as its “recommended option” for search. Think of it as Google’s exclusive VIP club, reserved specifically for mobile friendly websites. Only responsive web design or a standalone mobile site can get you in the door.

Still, there’s a chance Google may let you in the back door. Think of mobile search advertising like slipping the bouncer a twenty. If you own a local business with a physical location, then Google Places is your ticket inside. Build your Google Places listing as robustly as possible – from photos to descriptions – to maximize your mobile marketing.

From Spam to SMS

In the past, the only value we got from subscription-based opt-ins was an email address. But what good is just another headline inside a full and overwhelming email inbox? Your message may get overlooked, or worse – downgraded to spam. There had to be an easier way. Finally, text messaging made it possible.

There’s huge potential at the intersection of text messaging and online marketing. Why not use your online efforts to get opt-ins for an SMS text message list? You can then send text messages with mobile coupons, reminders, product releases, and more. Essentially, merging the online and hand-held worlds.

Text messaging is now one of the most powerful mobile marketing tools in your arsenal. It’s a smart, modern way to do more with contact information. With just an opt-in list, a phone number, and a compelling reason to sign up – you can add endless value to your mobile marketing campaign.

The Great Mobile App Debate

Who doesn’t love a great mobile app? Actually, just about everyone does – which is why so many businesses want to jump right in and build one. But mobile apps take time and money – two things few businesses can afford to waste. And therein lies the question – “to build, or not to build?”

There’s plenty to consider. But at the very top of the list is one basic question – do customers repeatedly want or need your app? You’re competing with prime real estate on a mobile device – right there next to Google Maps. Unless there’s a regular need for them, most apps end up deleted or stranded on the shelf of the Google Play store.

Here’s a rule of thumb. For basic business information, a mobile-friendly website is enough. Consider a mobile app if you plan to:

  • Provide users with access to accounts
  • Entertain users in a marketable and profitable way
  • Engage users repeatedly to benefit the business

If you’re interested in taking the mobile app route, check out Bowen Media’s

Bowen Media is an award-winning design and marketing agency. Put our mobile marketing strategy and consulting to work for you – and maximize your marketing. Need a mobile app? We can help you with that, too. Contact us today for mobile marketing custom-tailored to your unique business goals.

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