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What Manufacturers Should Consider in Selecting a Web Design Agency

Your manufacturing company needs digital marketing solutions that instantly reflect your dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and earned reputation. It’s a modern reality that customers often view your web presence in the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey, and quickly rule out lower quality websites. This means elements such as an outdated visual style, a logo in need of an update, or a clunky web experience can all cost you new business opportunities.

Dan Bowen

Dan Bowen

Founder + CEO
Published: March 23, 2022
Last Updated: April 30, 2024
(Web Design/Web Development)
Website Design and Development for Manufacturing Companies.

In the digital age, a manufacturing company's commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and reputation must be immediately evident through its online presence. First impressions are often formed during the consideration phase of the buyer's journey, with subpar websites quickly dismissed. An outdated look, a logo in need of refreshing, or a cumbersome website experience can all deter potential business.

Here’s what to focus on for a successful partnership with a web design agency to enhance your digital footprint:

Proven Expertise in Manufacturing Web Design

Choosing a web design agency with a proven track record in the manufacturing sector ensures a competitive edge. Agencies familiar with your business model, who have conducted competitive analyses, and created effective online experiences, can expedite your path to a profitable web presence.

At BOWEN, our extensive experience in web design for manufacturers allows us to craft custom digital experiences that showcase the distinctiveness and expertise of manufacturing firms. When evaluating potential agencies, verify their experience in the manufacturing sector through their portfolio, ensuring they have delivered measurable results.

Custom Development over Templates

A custom-developed website, designed specifically for your manufacturing company by professional coders, significantly outperforms template-based alternatives. Custom sites offer advantages like faster loading times, enhanced functionality, and unique presentations of your capabilities, essential for manufacturing companies known for high-quality products and services. Avoiding the generic feel of template sites not only sets you apart from competitors but also positions your brand as the innovative choice for prospective clients.

The Importance of Conversion Data

High-quality web design is critical, but the ultimate goal is to drive new business. Opt for an agency that crafts strategies aligned with clear objectives to achieve tangible results. Integrating web design and marketing efforts under one team enhances coherence and efficiency, from site creation to campaign execution, ensuring a unified strategy for long-term success.

A Comprehensive Visual Department

Elevating your brand requires the creation of new image assets, maintaining high-quality standards across all platforms. Assess whether your shortlisted agencies can produce custom graphics, edit videos, and design branded social media content. A cohesive digital experience enhances brand perception, ensuring your company presents its best self across all digital touchpoints.

Videos, particularly on key pages like the homepage, can quickly capture attention and effectively convey your brand's story. Ensure your chosen agency possesses the capability to produce high-quality videos for various platforms and purposes, from corporate introductions to commercial ads.

Final Considerations

Designing a website for manufacturing involves a holistic, data-driven approach, prioritizing conversion opportunities from the outset. By partnering with a that understands both design and marketing within the manufacturing sector, you’ll forge a more effective digital presence. BOWEN’s roster includes prominent manufacturing companies, reflecting our deep understanding of the sector's unique demands. Ready to enhance your brand's digital footprint? Let’s discuss your next steps.

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