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As digital marketing and website design play an increasingly bigger role in marketing businesses, so too does the role of photography. Research conducted by the national retail federation has shown that over 40% of consumers are more likely to engage with brands that integrate high-quality, professional photography into their website. In today’s digital world, consumers want information quickly and are no longer willing to take the time to read plain text. They want the information they are looking for, and they want it fast. Professional photography is a fantastic method to quickly and effectively communicate your business, your team, and most importantly, your brand to your customers.

For an example of how important of a roll photography plays in website marketing, take a look at Porsche’s website. Porsche, an established and respected brand has a beautiful and easy to navigate website.

Porsche has obviously spent a lot of time and money building this site to have such great design and functionality. Their site effectively communicates what their brand is all about without having to resort to a lot of boring text. The photography on the site plays a huge role in creating this brand identity. Take a look at the website without all of the photography:

Their website is clean and simple, yet powerful. It shows off their expertise as an architectural design business without boring the visitor with pages filled with long, uninviting text. Similar to Porsche, the photography in the website is what pushes the brand image Dehl Group is trying to attain. Now take a look at the website without the photography:

Without the professional photography, the website becomes extremely dull and boring and does nothing to show off the expertise of their business or communicate the brand image Dehl Group wants to show to visitors. A potential client that lands on this webpage would probably leave very quickly and forget about Dehl Group almost instantly. You can have the most beautifully designed website in the world, but without photographs that integrate seamlessly into it, the website will always be incomplete.

At Bowen Media, we create effective websites with photography that integrates seamlessly into the website and communicates the business’s brand. We understand the utmost importance of photography on websites and how it can make all the difference in your target consumer’s purchasing behavior. Our staff will work with you to create stunning imagery for your website to develop a brand image that properly communicates what sets you apart from your competition so when a potential client lands on your website, your business sticks out from the noise.

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