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Design and color play an important role in everything we do. Different hues carry different vibrational frequencies and can greatly influence how each of us thinks, feels and performs.

On Tuesday, September 24th, Ellevate Network's Long Island Chapter hosted their second ‘YoPro’ (young professional’s) event, held at BOWEN’s creative space. “Unleash the Power of Color,” an intimate and style provoking evening was co-hosted by Natalie Bowen and Estilo Imago’s President and CEO, Astrid Zayas. Together they influenced women to break free from the typical black and grey “business palette,” and educated women on how and when they can apply particular colors to their everyday looks to influence their minds and impact on their surroundings.

An Evening Designed For Women by Women

BOWEN’s creative space was evolved into a world of color with vanity stations, table decor and thought-provoking imagery produced by BOWEN team members Rupal, Jaime, Crystal, and Melanie.

Astrid Zayas started the event, “how many of you think black is slimming, red is sexy, blue is for boy, and pink is for girls? If you want to move up in your career, and obtain C-positions, color can help to make you shine for who you are in the best possible light. It’s a powerful thing we can do on an individual level. Women must use color to style with a purpose because what we wear is an immediate reflection of how we feel.”

The YoPros then started each vanity station wearing a neutral white scarf to help stylists Cindy Diaz and Moon Ruiz determine which colors and patterns worked best with their complexions in order to influence the characteristics of “Power” “Play” and “Peace.” Susan Carroll of Cabi Clothing laid out the colorful fashions of the evening, mobilizing her boutique for our experimental event.

The evening was filled with positive energy, laughs, smiles, and meaningful conversation. YoPros sipped on delicious beverages including colorful sangria, snacked on vivid platters and candy dishes, and inhaled essential oils that embodied each station.

“The goal of this event was for women to have a greater consciousness and understanding of color in their day to day lives. Many women walked away with color on their minds and felt inspired to integrate color into their daily thought process, which feels like an absolute success,” said Natalie Bowen.

Applying Color In Business

Color is not only a powerful influence in self-expression but for business as well. It’s crucial for brands to be strategic when utilizing color to stand out for their greatest qualities, as well as for deciding how to attract the right target audience. View our color sheet below to learn how different colors are perceived in branding and business.

Our creative web design and marketing agency helps brands to find the right colors that evoke emotion while looking for the best ways to express what a brand truly represents and how they want to be perceived. Take a look at our branding and marketing services to learn how we can help you evolve your brand to the next level!

Why YoPro?

YoPro networking events welcome young professional women from all over Long Island to genuinely connect and influence one another in a creative and welcoming environment. These events look to eliminate the dry and robotic atmosphere of a typical networking event in order to offer young women the opportunity to let down their guard and offer them an experience to experiment, learn, find common ground, and most importantly, to have fun alongside other like-minded people!

“The type of support system women have here is one that is unparalleled. Young women need to stick together and connect with other like-minded individuals who can boost their confidence and advance their careers; women who can be there for you not only in your professional life but in your personal life as well. For me, this has been such an eye-opening experience and I’m deeply grateful for all the strong connections I have made because of Ellevate’s LI Chapter,” said Natalie Bowen.

To see photos from the event, view our album on Facebook. Also, click here to stay in the know about other upcoming Ellevate Long Island events!

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