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Lindsey is proud to take on the role of digital marketing assistant at Bowen Media.

With a background in sociology and creative writing, Lindsey has found that her voice translates most powerfully through written word. In producing content for various companies and individuals throughout her career, Lindsey has discovered great reward in creating space to highlight the incredible achievements of others. Having the opportunity to paint someone in a new light is what keeps Lindsey inspired each day. A light, she noted, that perhaps the subject never viewed his or herself in before. Whether it is outlining services, interviewing a creative or publishing a press release, she has found that there is boundless beauty to be revealed in each piece of content.

Focusing on creative content, Lindsey has been granted access into the worlds of advocacy, journalism, copywriting and e-commerce. Formerly working as the marketing director for an award-winning philanthropic gift shop, Lindsey quickly learned the power in utilizing various social platforms to deliver a poignant message.

With a dream of weaving her two passions together, Lindsey’s fascination of human behavior and penchant for crafting creative content is what brought her here. For her, human connection is everything. Her sociological background, dedication to creative content and social awareness makes her an invaluable addition to Bowen’s team. Not to mention her personal mantra aligns itself beautifully with Bowen’s:

         We give a shit: about our clients, about our work, and about each other.

She is anticipating forging new relationships, as well as getting to know Bowen’s current non-profit clients. Lindsey is looking forward to using her experience in advocacy to bring a voice to those who need it most. Believing firmly in the untapped potential of each individual, she is excited to partner with companies who share a similar vision.

She was drawn to Bowen Media because of their commitment to excellence, their social impact and real life connections made. Bowen stood out to her in that it was so much more than a digital agency. Giving underrepresented communities a platform to share their resources while championing each cause is what places Bowen a step above. There is immense passion behind every partnership, and indispensable value housed within each project. Using her skill set to consistently elevate clients’ digital presence is a task she very much looks forward to.

Out of her own questions and curiosities came the Restoring Humanity Project, a blog started to remind us of the common ground in which we all walk. The blog was created with the purpose of understanding our similarities, encouraging our differences and celebrating our capabilities.

Lindsey is very much looking forward to growing with Bowen Media, and is grateful to be a part of a successful team that is constantly collaborating, evolving and creating amazing client work.

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