B a c k   T o   T h o u g h t s

On Wednesday, July 10th, BOWEN and Ellevate‘s Long Island Chapter kicked off the first of many young professional (‘YoPro’) events with a creative “Toast to the Summer." The inspiring evening of yoga, wine, cheese, and networking was organized by Ellevate LI’s chapter leadership team, Natalie Bowen (BOWEN®), Sarah DePiro (CFP®), Babita Trivedi (CFP®), and Rebecca Geraghty (director of Product Marketing at Lance-AR), with yoga lead by Here&Now instructor, Michelle Cavanagh. The event featured nearly 30 driven professional women from all over Long Island moving, breathing, and sipping together in the contemporary space.

Yesterday, Ellevate’s LI chapter, a community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed, kicked off the series of young professional events in an effort to provide enthusiastic women a new networking opportunity - right in their own backyard. This event presented young women in Long Island a chance to genuinely connect and break away from typical networking practices that can often deter or intimidate young women due to a lack of commonality within a group, intimidation to “own a room”, and stiff or robotic encounters.

Natalie Bowen, the most recently named Chapter Leader, was honored with the duty of planning and directing all future YoPro events. “As a young professional, I find that many of my peers that are early on in their careers find themselves feeling vulnerable and facing similar challenges, so I’m enthusiastic about helping to bring this young community together.”

With the launch of Ellevate Long Island’s ‘YoPro’ events, young professional women now have an opportunity to break traditional networking barriers, connect with other like-minded young women in the community, and empower one another in an authentic environment of inclusion and diversity.

See Ellevate's Upcoming Events to stay in the loop on the next 'YoPro' event. We hope to see you soon!