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Yokohama Tire Corporation

The world standard for automotive tire performance, Yokohama came to us with a vision for their consumer and commercial web presences: Something big. Something proven. Something for now, and for later. The case called for a strip-down and rebuild of the Yokohama user experience, developing a new platform to educate potential customers, connect with local tire dealers and consolidate Yokohama’s four properties into a single, seamless web presence. A task as big as it gets, but never too big for our custom web design team.
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Dedicated to the advancement of tire design and development since day one.
The Challenge | SAME MAKE, NEW MODEL
Well recognized and even better appreciated in automotive circles, Yokohama has earned its reputation for performance, via performance. Their dependable, four-season tires travel the distance and prove themselves with every long haul, trip to the store or lap around the track. With a brand voice and sense of self in place, their web design rebuild called for a visual exploration that would position that reliability as self-evident, combined with a modern UX and shopping experience encouraging visitors to browse, find local dealers and daydream of their next ride.
From motorsports to trucking, Yokohama keeps drivers closer to the road.
Born in Japan, Made in the USA
Our Approach
Flag-to-Flag Coverage
With a clear focus in mind, our UX and design experts committed to a dynamic redesign to reduce drag, increase traffic and avoid the stop-and-start browsing experience that challenged current customers. It started by seeking, identifying and rehabbing gaps in Yokohama’s current site through close study of user behavior.

The most pressing opportunity pointed toward a need for universal navigation — a hub for audiences to browse across tire types, promotions, education, merchandise and more. Building a clean, low-interference navigation bar instantly reformed the way customers engaged with the website, allowing for a seamless toggle between product, company info and larger, enterprise-level content.

We next turned to building an attention-grabbing homepage that communicated performance and proof-in-motion without veering into gaudiness. Bold, accelerated imagery and live video provided Yokohama with the venue to showcase their near-hundred years of expertise, along with brand messaging to reinforce the visuals.

As a homepage companion, we built a tire finder function for users to dive quickly into their search. The tire finder allows for customers to search by type, size, tread, and a number of additional filters to quickly uncover the tire best suited to the needs of both individuals and dealers.

Within deeper layers of the site, customers are given the ability to read up on tire maintenance and selection, then take advantage of educational tools designed to benefit first-time buyers and small businesses all the way up to wholesalers. Capped with a newsroom, company backgrounder, rotating promotions and owners-only resources, we completed our digital overhaul to ensure the website could be easily updated and maintained as Yokohama continues its pace of American and international growth.
The new custom website followed mobile-first conventions, compacted imagery and concise copy to ensure that phone and tablet audiences would receive the same experience as their desktop counterparts. Browsing tires, exploring local dealers and gathering education proved as simple with a swipe as a click.
Full Speed Ahead
Light, aerodynamic and responsive, Yokohama’s web renovation has already shown its value into the new year. With plans for expansion and rapid distribution across global markets, the new site has offered Yokohama representatives and executives a place to proudly refer dealers and potential partners.
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