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Think Box Media

Streamlining User Experience
Thinkbox came to us looking to stand out and gain market share in a highly competitive market: high-end printing, across offices in several major cities. One of the challenges for this type of business is finding fast ways to educate the user on their large variety of services. The result is often websites that feel crowded and confusing to navigate, with clear opportunities for improvement on conversions – as you never know which service had caught the user’s initial attention.
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The Challenge

The previous site followed a traditional style often seen throughout the industry, which added to the difficulty of diversifying Think Box in the market from competitors. 

While the team at Think Box wanted to modernize their website to stay in line with the advancement of the industry, they always had their users in mind. 

One of the primary goals for the new site experience was to establish Think Box's broad range of services at glance, without feeling cluttered or outdated. A significant portion of long-time users were not aware of key offerings -- which could both save customers time on purchasing, while also elevating the LTV of their Think Box's audience.

Stylish and Sharp
Clean, Seamless Navigation
Our Approach
Premium Content, Minimal Aesthetic

We fully revamped the gallery experience to a portfolio page to both enhance and simplify the way their work is showcased, separating each section by project type and arranging multiple image sliders with varied image sizes. Ultimately, this is what print partners want from Thinkbox’s services – so finding a way to demonstrate this ability on-site, on a high purchase-intent page significantly improved the site’s ability to convert.

Each service is highly visible from the homepage at first glance, with its own on-hover animation -- which changes the backing image, showing work examples specific to the selection, and encouraging visitors to click and view the full-service page. The service pages themselves were transformed into a hybrid page -- beginning with a gallery, but holding larger segments of service information behind overarching topics in a unique customer journey. When the users engage, the full text will display – allowing the same access to the breadth of information, while creating a minimal aesthetic with a degree of flash.

An "Everywhere" Mobile Experience
The new custom website followed mobile-first conventions, compacted imagery and concise copy to ensure that phone and tablet audiences would receive the same experience as their desktop counterparts. The result is a frictionless e-commerce experience on all preferred devices.
Frictionless, Industry-Leading Experience
The results position Think Box Media as a leader in their industry with premium digital content. The minimal page structure allows for new page elements to enter with an elevated touch of class, while hiding additional information behind clear engagement opportunities. This allows the same amount of information to be accessible, while creating an interactive and streamlined user experience to navigate to the desired information directly.
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