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Westy Self Storage

Westy is a northeast total storage solution provider serving 14 locations across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Known for its secure, contemporary, friendly, and bright ambiance, Westy is committed to providing its customers undergoing a transformative period with a clean, friendly, safe, and hassle-free storing experience.
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Making Self Storage a Breeze.
The Challenge

We were driven to design a fully invigorating digital platform that combatted against the negative stereotypes that are often associated with self-storage facilities. With ununified visual assets, Westy was also not able to digitally express its customer-oriented values and modern differentiators through the previous website. In addition, Westy's online storage calculator was not intuitive, tasking our team to develop a new, advanced and user-friendly online storage calculator.

Providing the best service, buildings, and standards in the storage industry.
Safe, Genuine, & Hospitable
Our Approach
Reflect Westy in All it's Glory

In addition to developing a modern web design, providing users with a seamless and quick experience was our team's top priority. To accomplish this task, there were multiple areas we set out to improve. Using location-based technology, we developed a function on the new website to help users find where the locations of the nearest Westy storage facility, significantly cutting down the time it took to accomplish this previously.

To increase Westy's digital reputability, it was important to showcase reviews from staff, customers, and local nonprofits that love Westy's world-class offerings. In addition, we created a community page that emphasizes Westy's charitable contributions to the communities they live and work in.

To make users are highly aware of Westy's modern features and services, including its brightly lit grand atrium lobby and free mover concierge, it was crucial to unify, humanize, and refresh the website with new visual assets including bright photos and videos.

The online storage calculator was also reevaluated and improved by incorporating animated illustrations, giving users a better sense of how life-size items could fit into the many different sized storage units.

Further, we optimized the site with informative but digestible information that highlights all of Westy's self-storage solutions, values, and differentiators. Giving users a direct look at all that Westy has to offer.

Designed for People On the Move
Moving can be a transformative and yet stressful experience. Similar to Westy, our team was motivated to provide users with peace of mind in the form of a smooth and hassle-free online experience. Across multiple devices and web browsers, users are now able to access and enjoy a beautiful, simple, and fully responsive website, no matter where they go.
Moving Westy Into the Future
We are so honored to have been able to transform the website of a company that is so committed to providing its clients with the best possible experience and solutions. With a renewed web experience focused on functionality, digestible content an accurate visual representation, we look forward to watching Westy's accelerated growth and success to come.
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