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Lutheran Friends of the Deaf

For the Deaf. With the Deaf. By the Deaf.
We were approached by the Mill Neck family of nonprofit organizations to build a platform for the international deaf community. Having an established global presence, it was our pleasure to create a modern, robust nonprofit website incorporating exceptional imagery and videos, an array of inclusive programs and a wealth of resources for the Lutheran Friends of the Deaf.
Branding, Web Design, Photography
Vibrant, Inclusive ampersand Symbolic
Sapphire Blue
Azure Blue
Shamrock Green
School Bus Yellow
The colors blue and green were prominent throughout the nonprofit website, as they have high significance within both the Lutheran and Deaf communities. We chose Lora font for the body copy because it is a contemporary typeface with origins rooted in calligraphy. Its incredibly legible and elegant look gave the nonprofit website a polished and refined feel.
Body copy size - Lora 14px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
Our photography aimed to capture the true essence of the Mill Neck Manor historic estate, where many LFD programs are held.
The Challenge
The Mill Neck family of nonprofit organizations approached us to build a digital platform for the international Lutheran Deaf community that housed an expansive virtual resource library, donations, registration for Deaf Christians and Friends of the Deaf, a Deaf Missions directory, educational tools, a categorized calendar of events and more.
Spotlighting the deaf community’s connection with the church at large, we aimed to communicate the organization’s tremendous outreach.
Multifunctional, Comprehensive & Accessible
Lutheran Friends of the Deaf - Nonprofit Website on macbook
Our Approach
Designing for a Community
We set out to create an unprecedented audience connection by playing a dual visual translation of the Lutheran Friends of the Deaf’s core values in an auto-playing ASL video, and in written English. Our team created a Resource Library comprised of Bible Story, Hymn, and Catechism Videos, a Directory of Deaf Missions, and Religious Sign Directory.
Fully Responsive Design
Unifying the nonprofit website’s content for our target audience, ease of accessibility was at the forefront of our approach when designing the Lutheran Friends of the Deaf website.
Humble Beginnings, Worldwide Impact
Our team worked diligently to convey the tremendous energy of the Lutheran Friends for the Deaf, constructing a comprehensive, educational nonprofit website that everyone can glean information and insight from. The site was launched on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, a date with great significance to the Lutheran Community.
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