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Stop The Bounce

Stop the Bounce: The Concept
Stop the Bounce is an initiative to support those in foster care in need of a loving home. “The Bounce” is what foster care children experience as they’re shifted from foster home to foster home without finding permanency. This campaign was first initiated as a children’s book called Stop the Bounce, authored by Dr. Christopher Long, the President of Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.
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Our Approach
An Effective, Digital Home
On the Stop the Bounce website, Dr. Long’s eight children share their moving stories, shine light on the difficult reality of being a foster kid, and provide insight on what a good parent should be. The site plays two roles: give families access to support groups, and provide guidance to those looking to adopt a child from foster care. All visitors are given a glimpse into this extremely important movement and encouraged to join the initiative.
A Website That Communicates A Courageous Initiative.
It was paramount that the human impact of “the bounce” and the mission of Dr. Long be conveyed immediately on the site. Together, our teams continue to work on the digital front to raise awareness, promote adoption, and connect potential families to long-term foster care youth seeking their forever family.
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