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BEM Heating and Cooling

Since 2004, BEM Heating and Cooling has been honest, reliable, and enthusiastically on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry’s technology to better serve families on Long Island. We were approached to refresh the company's brand identity design and design their first contractor website to emphasize the high level of quality and expertise and services that BEM provides.
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Comforting, Technical ampersand Precise
Service Green
Fresh Coolant
Air Flow Gray
BEM’s brand identity design was inspired by the heating, cooling & HVAC services that they offer. The ‘E’ in BEM was stylized into 3 parallel waves each with a unique color and purpose. Blue for cooling, orange for heating, and green for energy efficiency services.
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This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
The Challenge
BEM's high level of expertise and services is best for homeowners that appreciate the value of a quality installation, and cost-savings in the long run when hiring a highly experienced company to do the job properly. The new contractor website, along with all branding and marketing, needed to differentiate BEM from others in the HVAC industry, and attract those that appreciate a highly customized and detailed approach to services and installations provided.
Delivering Cutting Edge HVAC Solutions to Families on Long Island since 2004
Bold, Electric & Cutting Edge
Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Our Approach
Revolutionize HVAC
The contractor website makes use of modern interactions and micro-interactions to not only set BEM apart from its competitors, but to also showcase a company that is advanced, cutting-edge and is revolutionizing the heating and cooling industry. The vertical lines growing from top to bottom are inspired by the textural qualities of A/C vents and steam grates. The overall experience is bold yet minimal, giving the user a visual balance of interactions, imagery, and text. An electric turquoise color accents the website to draw the users eyes to important information and CTAs.
Fully Responsive
While heating and cooling needs might be for our homes, researching the right professional company to help you can happen from anywhere. It was crucial for the contractor website to deliver a strong of a first impression to mobile users, and set their brand identity design apart from competitors.
Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Commitment to Excellence & Dedication to Quality
We are excited to have partnered with a brand that takes a customized and modern approach to their work in the HVAC industry. We feel proud to have fueled BEM's continuous growth with our branding services, a fresh logo and first-ever contractor website to compliment this cutting edge brand to continue to propel them forward.
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