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Let There Be Neon

Established in 1972, Let There Be Neon has been the prevailing creator and international supplier of custom neon art. We were approached to create a new custom web design for the historic company, and shine light on their captivating space and unmatched quality of work that Let There Be Neon provides its clientele.
Web Design, Photography, Creative Strategy, Videography
Iconic, Vibrant ampersand Mesmerizing
Neon Blue
Glowing Green
A clean, crisp and modern typeface with a subtle edgy look.
Body copy size - Cabin 16px
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A One of a Kind Spectrum of Neon Made to Inspire
The Challenge
Creating a balanced theme that highlights and compliments the quintessential neon company was crucial for this custom web design. Our team was challenged to find clever methods to showcase LTBN's unique branding and custom spectrum of colors, an imperative component of their design strategy. Frictionless font types, contrasting colors and extreme organization helped to create a sophisticated design that allows the neon art to display without conflict.
Transformative custom-made neon, handcrafted with expert methodology, precision and care.
Experiencial, Soothing & Timeless
Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Our Approach
Let the Artwork Speak for Itself
To captivate the true essence and aura of the LTBN showroom, we developed a customized web experience featuring full-screen visuals with photo and video footage that our team captured. We were set on creating an experience that allows a visitor to feel as if they are walking through the LTBN showroom. A unique scrolling feature was introduced to generate a narrated user experience. We created art galleries that showcase LTBN's craftsmanship in its entirety. In honor of Rudi Stern, company founder, and industry legend, a memorial page is dedicated to his life and passion for creating works of art. "His sole goal was to ensure that art touched every project brought to our studio." Our teams joined Rudi in this mission to create a custom web design that delivered that same spirit and vision that guides the Let There Be Neon team today.
Fully Responsive
To best serve the international neon company and its clients across the world, a fully responsive web experience was imperative. Not only is the refreshed custom web design seamlessly accessible via desktop, mobile or tablet but users can also enjoy the custom loading animations, art galleries, and unique scrolling experiences effortlessly across multiple devices.
Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Shining New Light on World-Class Craftsmanship
Overwhelmed by our love for neon art, we were thrilled to work with artists and craftsmen in this electrifying medium. In creating this powerful digital presence for Let There Be Neon, we are able to properly represent such a colorful and monumental New York brand for exactly who they are.
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