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Hanover ESG Report

An ESG Report Like No Other
Hanover Bank had established its web presence with us the previous year and was looking for a sharp way to display its annual Community Impact Report. These reports are highly relevant in the baking industry to showcase environmental contributions, new program announcements, philanthropic efforts, and other key factors of the company's mission. They wanted to go the extra mile and make this report an opportunity to display its community-centric approach, by adding an interactive element for readers with a higher level of engagement, bright color, and animation.
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The Challenge

Hanover had a clear vision of how they wanted shareholders as well as the local community to react to the look and feel of their Community Impact Report, and needed a partner who met their high standards. These reports are meant to represent the broader impact a bank can have on its surrounding community, and are considered a statement of investment security. The document had to cover a lot of ground to convey their recent acquisitions and long-term solutions. Nevertheless, annual reports are most often put together as a static PDF or in a traditional layout that presents this data. Hanover wanted to create an engaging experience that not only grabbed the attention of the reader, but introduced these points for consideration with the true weight of their achievements.

Striving to break the mold of their traditional brand colors, our team was encouraged to introduce newer colors that would elicit feelings of excitement, optimism, and boldness – but in a way that would still capture the same brand spirit and represent the bank appropriately.

Vibrantly Present Landmark Initiatives & Progress
Community-Oriented Data Points
Our Approach
A Stylized Interactive Experience

The report opens with an animation sharing Hanover’s focus on 3 key factors: Environmental, Social, and Governance. The “down” animation arrow urges the user further into the experience, where they encounter a letter from the CEO, allowing for a side-swipe entrance animation and color change to create warmth and generate additional interest. Our goal was to ensure the report immediately grabbed the user’s attention with these custom animations and innovative transitions and experiences within sections compared to the traditional community report.

BOWEN’s design team interpolated the color palette to separate the Community Impact Report’s design aesthetic from the main bank website, while preserving enough character to link the two experiences visually. Utilizing the dark navy of Hanover’s brand color as the background allowed the team to leverage the full potential of the report’s striking, bright colors to create a captivating user experience, as well as for call-out moments within the report.

The interactive document was built to have a “jump to” section anchored to the top right corner, so stakeholders could easily jump to their points of interest with no friction. We developed different yet cohesive animations for each section, highlighting and counting up relevant statistics to underscore their magnitude and take their presentation to new heights.

Fully Responsive Header
The "Jump To" feature allows shareholders to quickly browse the ESG report, even while on the go. Our responsive layout calibrates animations and page breaks to minimize load times and allow the Community Impact Report to be shown at its best regardless of the user's preferred viewing device.
More Than A Bank
The BOWEN team was able to actualize the organization’s vision and create a dynamic, vibrant Community Impact Report with a fresh yet recognizable expansion of the Hanover Brand. Every expectation was met and created visible excitement for their audience. Many banks talk about helping the local area and providing great service, but local banks in particular need to go the extra mile and show they are true community advocates, invested in supporting and furthering local initiatives. It’s a commendable effort for banks, institutions, and organizations to be motivated to have a positive influence on their surrounding community, and we wanted this representation of that to inspire others to do the same.
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