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Hanover Bank

The Bank of You
Hanover Bank, established in 2009, had recently made the acquisition of Savoy Bank, and operated seven branch locations serving Long Island and the greater New York metropolitan area. With core values emphasizing integrity, loyalty, and nurturing client relationships, they needed a more modern web experience to leverage as an efficient marketing resource.
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The Challenge

Hanover Bank came to us with several unsatisfactory elements of their existing website in need of a revamp. Hanover needed to modernize and leverage their website as an efficient marketing resource, but the internal team was discouraged due to an outdated back-end site structure. The site speed was slowing, and the services section of the site did not fully capture their attention to detail and emphasis on nurturing customer relationships.

A presence that reflects "the bank of you."
Personalized service with trustful advisors.
Our Approach
A Site That Services

Our team worked closely with Hanover Bank’s leadership to restructure each element of site functionality -- including the navigation and search functions, so the target audience could more efficiently find what they’re looking for, enabling them to quickly jump to a wide variety of corresponding services. Branded assets were added to breathe further life and diversification into the customer journey. Our design team was able to elevate Hanover's web experience and meet the expectations of their marketing team.

Covered From Anywhere
We sacrificed nothing in the mobile experience. The low-latency, high-performance interface allowed for simple menus, tiles and tabs for users browsing on a phone or tablet. All of the same company information and contact points remained intact, formatted for a vertical scroll and buttressed by a hamburger menu for jumping between page segments and company services more efficiently.
A Greater Connection
Hanover's website makeover helps their customers more easily access the information they need, faster, all while providing a more personalized experience. The in-depth services pages allow customers to know they're getting information they can rely on, while the navigation quick links enable them to easily browse popular services.
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