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Affiliated Monitoring

Monitoring More Than a Billion Signals Each Year
Affiliated Monitoring, with world-class facilities in New Jersey and Texas, provides live monitoring services that power many of the country’s most innovative entrepreneurial companies. The security technology company approached us to revolutionize their website with innovative features and visuals to captivate a new-age audience.
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The Challenge: Captivate A Modern Audience
The live agent monitoring company already has a strong reputation working with fire alarm system companies but wanted the website redesign to attract a new age audience that sought an integrated monitoring component for their technology. Affiliated was ready to now appeal to IoT companies, smartphone app creators, wifi businesses, and innovative startups, many of these new companies being led by millennials. In order to appeal to this audience, the new web design needed to visually speak to them communicating modern features, and include captivating visuals that portray the balance between empathy and urgency. Affiliated’s original website featured imagery that didn’t portray the company in a contemporary or functional manner. For the new site to be a success, it was crucial to show how Affiliated’s live agent monitoring team and technology helped to make so much of the latest monitoring technology possible by backing it up with a responsive team of supportive and reliable people.
Affiliated Monitoring helps support the world’s most cutting-edge security & technology companies.
Where Responsibility & Innovation Meet.
Our Approach
A Visual Harmony Between Humans & Technology
Our creative agency wanted to put an emphasis on the human element and inspire trust by capturing the people behind the technology at Affiliated. We incorporated innovative graphics and illustrations into the tech website, breaking the mold of traditional web design. Using visual sound waves, curved buttons, and contemporary typefaces, we were able to produce a fresh technology website that felt supportive and friendly but also modern and high-tech.

Rotating headlines at the top of the fold simulates the “real-time” monitoring component and allows new users to understand what Affiliated provides without having to scroll. Users also have the option to speak to a tech expert at any time using the floating CTA that is always in view.

Our web design company created new vital pages on the site to further distinguish Affiliated: a “Customer Stories” page filterable by industry and service that speaks to the credibility of the brand, a "Company" page that breaks down the company’s values and benefits, accurately capturing a lively data center with background video, and an easy to navigate "Pricing" page loaded with customizable plans, included features and FAQ’s to explain the different partnership models available for different needs.

Throughout the redesigned website, users will find gradients of blue and purple hues that complement the Affiliated logo and simulate feelings of trustworthiness, consciousness, imagination, and encourage creativity. Our designers also produced detailed illustrations and modern iconography that visually explain and organize Affiliated’s benefits and services. Users will also find clear calls to actions that lead to conversational contact forms, built to successfully generate more online opportunities.
Setting the Standard for High-Tech Demands
Captivating a new age audience demands a responsive web experience unparalleled to others. It was critical for our creative agency to generate a fast and seamless web design that impresses the newest generations of entrepreneurs across devices and browsers.
Disrupting the Nature of the Monitoring Industry
More equipped to target their audience with a modernized "people and technology" approach, we are proud to have been able to craft a cutting edge and human web experience for Affiliated Monitoring, a brand that goes above and beyond in order to provide a supportive human experience. We are eager to watch how Affiliated's new website improves the company's overall success and continues to support the next innovative IoT solutions to come.
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