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Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux

Digital Experience of The Bistreaux and Bar


National Restaurant Franchise


Design, Development, Strategy, Motion Graphic

Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux, a national franchise built on culture, community, and culinary excellence, approached us to redesign their consumer-facing and franchising websites.



Digitizing the Heart of Walk-On's

Our team designed a captivating consumer-facing website that emulates the same "home away from home" vibes that customers feel within the walls of the restaurants themselves. Tasteful parings of imagery of quality food, people comfortably enjoying themselves, and screens of their mobile app and rewards program were incorporated throughout the website in order to highlight some their greatest differentiators while taking visitors into their environment. 


Bridging an Immersive Experience

A Mouth-Watering Experience for a Top Notch Menu

Walk-On’s prides themselves on their scratch-made dishes and attention to detail. The menu experience was designed to increase visitors' appetites as they explore quality food imagery, highlighting their attention to detail and the culinary experience they've created.


The Menu Presentation

Making Every Occasion Worth Celebrating

Walk-On’s has a special story that we highlight at the forefront of their “About Us” page: showcasing how their concept was born from their “love for the game, community, and bringing the heart of a walk-on to the restaurant space.” A historical timeline walks visitors through their journey from the court to the restaurant, achieving their dreams, and pays a tribute to their Captains. The “Community” page illuminates their belief in being part of their communities, getting involved, and making a positive impact on the neighborhoods they serve.


Brand Storytelling

A More Vibrant, Fast, and Personable Palette

Secondary colors were introduced into the Walk-On’s original color palette in order to invite more uplifting and energizing emotions, and allowing the primary Navy and Red colors to become more functional and reserved for primary content and key points of interaction.

Walk On Web Design Project Color Palette

Color Palette

Walk On Web Design Project Color Palette

A Growing and One-of-a-Kind Franchise

The Walk-On's Franchising website was designed to differentiate Walk-On's as a franchise option to entrepreneurs, as well as pre-qualify the the right audience members that would be the best fit to join their growing brand. Both websites tell the Walk-On's story, communicating their high standards of care, and self-improvement, and creating a welcoming community for all.

Walk Ons Web Design Project 6

The Franchise Website

Walk Ons Web Design Project 6

Emphasizing the Perks of Walk-On’s Rewards

The “Rewards” page begins with the dynamic card style to showcase a variety of great food, the restaurant experience, and playful icons, then cleanly outlines the program benefits. Screens from their intuitive mobile app show visitors how food can be seamlessly ordered in trade for points that are reserved for fun and exclusive rewards. The process of how their program works is itemized into five simple steps, and the journey concludes with an intuitive sign-up form for the rewards program.


Captivating Rewards Presentation

The team at Bowen are true professionals.
The experience of our partnership has been incredibly smooth since day 1. The team has an incredible process that kept us on schedule. The team produced and incredible site that was on brand, modern, and is a conversion machine!

Keegan Lanier

Director of Restaurant Technology @Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux

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