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The First National Bank of Long Island

One of Our Own
With 90+ years of hometown banking to its name, The First National Bank of Long Island has come a distance since its establishment as the North Shore’s first independent community bank. Today, with branches all over Long Island and beyond, First National stands alone as an institution rooted in client service, professionalism and excellence for the businesses and individuals they serve.
Web Design
The Challenge | Changing with the Times

First National’s wealth of experience and sophistication was apparent to any customer who stepped foot in their branches, but web searchers received a separate experience that — while true to the bank’s tradition — missed opportunities for their modern, on-the-go and ever-digitizing client base.

Committed to the communities they serve, and the businesses and individuals that keep them running
A shared commitment to service, professionalism and excellence
Our Approach
A High-Touch Online Experience

Alongside First National’s leadership team, our creative leads quickly laid the groundwork for reimagining and rebuilding First National’s website. Adapting to a new day in digital banking, we worked quickly to create a web experience that met the demands of mobile bankers without forfeiting the company’s reputation for trust, knowledge and person-to-person warmth.

The website’s revival started and ended with UX design: Categorizing First National’s services, streamlining descriptions of their offering and creating clear hierarchies for web users led to clean, unbroken interactions that guided new and existing customers through the experience. News, company history, contact information and more were separated from the bank’s critical services, allowing viewers to place their focus on the services that mattered to them.

As one of our fastest and most highly targeted web builds, we elevated First National’s website to a modern, customer-friendly experience in as little as months. Stepping into the unexpected challenges of the new year, we continue to work beside First National in responding to the needs of customers as they arrive.

Our partnership has proved fruitful in helping First National answer the call for the businesses and families they serve, balancing a pragmatic approach to web modernization while maintaining the bank’s traditionally-held values.

Responding to the demands today’s banking, we designed First National’s website from a mobile-first perspective. New and existing customers are now easily able to navigate the site from wherever they are, using their phones to access their accounts and perform banking functions on the move. Company contacts and branch information proves just as easily accessible with a clear site hierarchy and well-guided design.
Attracting Talent
The new website additionally played a part in refining First National’s recruitment strategy, reimagining the company’s careers portal and outlining the details of the bank’s rapid COVID-19 response. With modernized visual aid and branding support, First National continues to attract some of the area’s most highly qualified candidates.
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