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Cagent Vascular

Cutting-Edge Technology
Cagent Vascular is a company dedicated to devising and improving new treatments for cardiovascular disease. Their patented serration technology allows for precise handling of plaque and other obstructions, with clinical studies resulting in substantial success. The web launch was planned to coincide with their product launch. Cagent Vascular needed a stylish way to differentiate their product on the market, emphasizing the benefits of their patented technology, and show the market potential of their unique application.
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The Challenge
Cagent Vascular needed their audience of doctors and investors to fully understand and appreciate their flagship product, "The Serranator," but their web experience at the time was missing the mark. The original design felt dated, largely in part due to the image and font selection. This was working against showcasing their cutting-edge equipment as a new, safe, line of technology that doctors should immediately want. Cagent Vascular wanted a web experience that did justice for the Serranator, the first and only solution of it's kind in the medical space. They needed a way to showcase the simple functionality, leading the target audience to conclude it is the most logical solution available.
Innovative Technology
Revolutionizing Procedures
Our Approach
A Modern Look with Clear-Cut Display
Medical websites often lack engaging features -- Cagent knew this coming in, and was adamant about wanting to give their brand a 'cool' look. Our design team worked closely with Cagent Vascular's leadership to ensure their products were being displayed in a way that felt modern and technology-driven. The website allowed us to zoom in on microscopic details, showcasing features which could not be easily appreciated in a typical product demonstration. Our primary goal was finding ways of fitting all of this information in a concise presentation, which comprehensively represents the benefits of their unique solution. Adding graphics to the information sharing process allowed us to avoid several common trappings of medical websites, and more clearly articulate their value proposition at a glance. The site theme itself reflects the serration process, opening to mirror the procedure with custom iconography, specialized team member assets, and other illustrations. The result was a site that made doctors wonder why the product was not in their hands already -- sophisticated, sleek, yet simple. The new site clearly and quickly illustrates how simple to use the technology is, and how easily it can improve the lives of patients. The individualized, cutting-edge renovation separates Cagent Vascular from competitors with a more traditional web experience, and aligns with the brand promise made by their signature product.
Accessible From Anywhere
We sacrificed nothing in the mobile experience. The low-latency, high-performance interface allowed for simple menus, tiles and tabs for users browsing on a phone or tablet. All of the same company information and contact points remained intact, formatted for a vertical scroll and buttressed by a hamburger menu for jumping between page segments and company services more efficiently.
Exceptional Life-Sustaining Equipment
Cagent Vascular's website establishes their product with crisp, stylish visuals and data-backed studies. Industry terminology lets doctors know they have come to the right place, while research results and resources assist investors in understanding the market potential of their offering. From the first page of the site, it's clear The Serranator is setting a new standard in Angioplasty. Cagent Vascular was able to successfully launch the website in tandem with their product debut, creating a powerful market entrance. We are excited to continue evolving their digital landscape as they take off.
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