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Hanover Bank

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Web Design, Website ADA Compliance

Hanover Bank, established in 2009, had recently made the acquisition of Savoy Bank, and operated seven branch locations serving Long Island and the greater New York metropolitan area. With core values emphasizing integrity, loyalty, and nurturing client relationships, they needed a more modern web experience to leverage as an efficient marketing resource.



Enhancing Hanover Bank's Website Experience

Our team worked closely with Hanover Bank’s leadership to restructure each element of site functionality -- including the navigation and search functions, so the target audience could more efficiently find what they’re looking for, enabling them to quickly jump to a wide variety of corresponding services. Branded assets were added to breathe further life and diversification into the customer journey. Our design team was able to elevate Hanover's web experience and meet the expectations of their marketing team.

Custom Web Development Services for Hanover Bank

Website Redesign

Custom Web Development Services for Hanover Bank

Revitalizing Tradition: Hanover Bank's ESG Report Branding Journey

For Hanover Bank's ESG Report Branding, our team embarked on a journey to redefine the brand's visual identity. Departing from traditional colors, we introduced vibrant hues symbolizing excitement, optimism, and boldness, while preserving the essence of the bank's spirit and aligning with its values.

Custom ESG Report Web Design for Hanover Bank

ESG Report Branding

Custom ESG Report Web Design for Hanover Bank

Transcending Data: Hanover Bank's Vibrant ESG Report Experience

In crafting Hanover Bank's ESG Report website, we embarked on a mission to transcend the conventional, opting for a stylized interactive experience that immerses users in a vibrant tapestry of data. Our approach integrates community-oriented metrics, displaying acquisitions, loans, diversity, and team data in a visually captivating way. Through dynamic animations and vivid colors, we bring life to each data point, turning mundane statistics into engaging narratives that resonate. This innovative strategy not only boosts user engagement but also highlights Hanover Bank's dedication to transparency and community involvement.


ESG Report Website

Covered From Anywhere

The low-latency, high-performance interface allowed for simple menus, tiles and tabs for users browsing on a phone or tablet. The same information and touch points were formatted for a vertical scroll and accessible via mobile menu for a seamless user experience. On the ESG Report site, The "jump to" feature allows shareholders to quickly browse the report’s content, even while on the go. Our responsive layout calibrates animations and page breaks to minimize load times and allow the Community Impact Report to be shown at its best regardless of the user's preferred viewing device.


Responsive Design

Responsive Website Design and Development for Hanover Bank
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