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SK Signet America

Charging America’s EV Revolution
SK Signet, a global leader and pioneer in the EV charging industry, with the largest market share in the U.S. ultra-fast EV Charging segment, approached us to redesign their SK Signet America website to best represent their brand and EV Chargers as they continue to expand in the U.S. Market.
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The Challenge

SK Signet America has been exploding in the US Market, and needed to quickly improve how their brand was being represented to their diverse audience of decision makers from a wide range of industries.With a tight deadline and high standards for quality, our team's agility and innovation was put to the test. 

Accelerating the Sustainable Energy Movement
Ultra-Fast Website for Revolutionary EV Charging
Our Approach
Our Approach

"Charging America's EV Revolution" is the headline we selected to introduce SK Signet America, and an authority we had to present throughout the entire website experience. Respectable brands were featured above the fold, and products were categorized in a way that simplified a user's journey to exploring their products. The website was designed for seamless conversions, and product spec sheets were gated in order to prequalify and track prospects. Futuristic images were created in order to tell a story of a future that environmental sustainability could bring to our society.

Mobile Adaptive Website
A website that is not only responsive to all devices and screens, but has a uniquely enhanced mobile experience that a large percent of SK Signet's audience will be able to gain from. 
Great Web Design for an Impactful Mission
Our teams look forward to continue to advance the SK Signet America website, growth initiatives, and sustainable initiatives in our country. Our team enjoyed working with the SK Signet, and remains inspired to be playing a small role in a critical movement for our world.
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