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R.T. Vanderbilt Company

Dating back to the turn of the nineteenth century, R.T. Vanderbilt has long stood as the model of integrity in mineral and chemical production. Met with one of the most recognized names in American history, we leveraged our web design services by building a future-proof web presence that could do justice to the Vanderbilt heritage while serving employees, scientists and customers with a functional, frictionless experience.
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100+ years of supplying companies with the quality, dependable chemicals and raw minerals that make the world go.
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC
Vanderbilt Worldwide Ltd
R.T. Vanderbilt Holding Company, Inc.
Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC
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A name is only as good as what’s behind it. And with multiple products, multiple stakeholders and multiple channels of distribution, R.T. Vanderbilt’s greatest challenge in living up to its tradition rested at the organizational level. Too many cracks in communication. Too many lost leads. So the first order of business? Utilizing our web design services to reform their web approach from the ground up, designating dedicated platforms for both mineral and chemical businesses. And the second? Creating a top-down web ecology that made each of these businesses searchable, connected and reachable in the right ways.
Supplying a variety of the world's most critical industries with raw mineral and chemical expertise.
Field-leading experts in rubbers, plastics, petroleum and more.
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Our Approach
All Systems Go
Most of our getting-to-know-you conversations wound up in similar places: R.T. Vanderbilt’s chemical and mineral knowledge was second to none, but shrouded to the public (and even their own employees) via industry jargon, unindexed databases and arcane programming.

Before we could bring it all together, we had to set it apart: Building out separate, fully-functional websites dedicated to their independent sub-specialties — chemicals and minerals — as well as standalone international pages. Slenderizing, designing and SEO-readying each individual site, we mapped out a neighborhood of self-contained pages that carried weight on their own.

Their UX and UI structures mirrored one another’s, outfitted with intuitive navigational cues like breadcrumbs, expandable menus and contact forms that led audiences to the right places at the right moments. (Up to this point, the customer service team was getting overloaded with phone calls and email requests — something we proudly put a stop to.)

Uniting them was our crown jewel: the Product Finder. No matter which digital property audiences landed on, users now found the ability to quickly and efficiently search the entire portfolio of offerings across markets, materials and chemical types, automatically directing them to the appropriate landing page in the process. Complemented by a sophisticated Resource Finder for literature, sales intel and data sheet recon, R.T. Vanderbilt’s digital presence reflected something modern, conjoined and — most importantly — usable.

Oh, and it all came out fast. Fast fast. Most databases this size take their toll on the backend, encumbering the filtration process to a crawl. Our coding team took every opportunity to streamline, condense and compress, yielding a powerful system capable of auto-filling, intelligent sorting and lighting-quick search results.
Science happens everywhere. Business never sleeps. A staple of our web design services, we accommodated the entire search-ready database into a responsive, mobile-friendly experience, that’s available anytime, anywhere.
manufacturing web design , manufacturing website , web design services by BOWEN
A Heritage Renewed
Working glove-in-glove with scientists and company leadership, we successfully rehabbed some of the most troublesome touchpoints for R.T. Vanderbilt with our web design services. Greatly boosting both client and internal satisfaction, their new search functionality and digital suite have quickly recaptured the title of industry standard — not unlike the reputation they forged more than 100 years earlier.
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