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AAA Northeast Connections

AAA Northeast provides world-class 24-hour roadside assistance, and exclusive discounts and services to its members. Our creative agency was approached to design a uniquely branded, custom website for AAA Northeast employees to be able to engage, collaborate, and stay up to date with the latest news.
Branding, Web Design, Creative Strategy
Flexible, Communal ampersand Inviting
Motor Marmalade
Auto Amber
Connecticut Cobalt
Gas Station Grey
AAA Northeast's unique brand identity was inspired by its uplifting team culture, employee appreciation, and sense of connectedness. We used bright, engaging colors and clean fonts to reflect the essence of the AAA Northeast community.
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The Challenge: Create a Consistent Brand Identity
We were tasked with designing an intranet for an employee brand that embodied AAA Northeasts' unique culture all while staying true to AAA's nationwide brand identity. Looking to break from typical corporate boundaries, we yearned to craft a genuine custom web design experience that was both fun and unparalleled.
Recognizing the individuals providing world-class roadside service to AAA members in the North East
Engaging, Informational & Celebratory
Our Approach
Designing an Intranet for Team Connection
Our team aspired to design a welcoming destination for AAA Northeast employees that not only was accessible and resourceful, but that was also fun, uplifting and engaging. Using creative strategy and empathy in our approach, the new custom website encourages individual characterism, values, and interactivity by highlighting career milestones, promotions, charitable events, inspirational quotes, creative contests, and more. This new web design brings tremendous value to its users in that it also houses insightful resources like employee benefits, upcoming events, and job opportunities.
Designed for Employees On The Go
To cater to employees that are constantly on the move, it was necessary to develop a fully responsive custom website that is easily accessible across multiple devices and browsers. Onward to the future, AAA Northeast employees can now seamlessly experience the new website from their phone, tablet, or desktop device.
Celebrating Every Accomplishment
Our creative agency is constantly growing and strategizing new ways to bring people together in the digital realm and we take tremendous pride in collaborating with such a historic company on this special project that seeks to unify, inspire and highlight the valuable employees that make up AAA Northeast. We look forward to further building this employee portal so all can continue to enjoy and develop their team culture.
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