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Point of Care Systems

Blue-Chip Pharmacy Systems Technology
Point of Care Systems is an emerging startup in the Pharmaceutical space, enhancing both patient care and profitability through thoughtful and efficient technology. In the validation phase, the company was in need of an informational website that introduced their POS, compliance tools, and different interfaces offered.
Web Design, Creative Strategy
Medical, Sleek ampersand Technical
Dr. Blue
Solid Gray
Pharma Sky
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The Challenge
Whether or not a business is in its earliest stages, it is common for us to be designing for the "tomorrow" version of the brand that our client is starting to become. The right approach to carrying this out successfully requires vision and imagination. And, while this comes with its obstacles, we really enjoy the challenge.
Complex Prescription Order Management, Simplified.
Evolutionary, Polished & Powerful
Our Approach
Our Approach
This web design uniquely combines Pharmaceutical care and technology. In order to help pharmaceutical professionals feel comfortable and connect with to the industry, pain points the startup is out to solve, the imagery includes familiar behind-the-scenes administrative and manual processes that take place on the day-to-day in the life of a pharmacist. Page titles such as "Pharmacy Talk" and "Our Marketplace" are also personalized to this sector of the healthcare industry.
Fully responsive
Startups depend on quality user experience to make a strong first impression to new website visitors. Responsive web design has become a standard that a startup cannot ignore.
Pharmacy Workflow that Simplifies
We look forward to further developing the pharmaceutical website as the Point of Care Systems continues to evolve and gain market traction.
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