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Champion Cutting Tool

A Cut Above
Rockville Center’s Champion Cutting Tool quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading tool manufacturers at its founding in 1897, cementing that title over six generations of family ownership. Trust, quality, service, and a family name had served them well in developing long-term relationships with contractors, individuals, and manufacturers across the country. New opportunities for growth began to present themselves faster — and in newer arenas — than they’d ever experienced before.
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Our first conversation with Champion laid it out simply: their drills, bits, and assorted tools were as popular as ever, but the industry’s shift toward online shopping and consultation was leaving some customers in the wind. Underattended filtration systems and scrambled web hierarchies created more problems at their highest touch storefront than originally anticipated, and the complexity of their offering required a thoughtful approach to reclaim it.
Increasing productivity on every job.
Innovators in drill bits, cutting tools and power tools that perform. Every time.
Our Approach
Getting the Job Done Right
Charged with an end-to-end digital rehab, our coding team collaborated closely with Champion decision-makers to build the framework for a new and improved custom web design. Among the most important items of the day: stronger filters and a mobile-first philosophy. We sought to remove barriers to entry for on-the-go contractors searching for tools, parts and machinery from their phones.

As we carefully reordered the Champion’s organizational scheme, our designers worked to revamp the site as a statement piece. Lush, full-bleed imagery and high-res videography lured customers from the homepage, fanning out into individualized, industry-specific landing pages and navigable funnels that instinctively led viewers to the places they wanted to be, whether it’s purchasing, comparing or inquiring about a tool.

Our web design and digital marketing agency bolstered visitorship through a targeted marketing strategy as well, increasing total website sessions by 186% within the first month of implementing our digital marketing initiatives.

Alongside our website updates, Champion trusted us to rethink their social strategies, building out new campaigns, imagery, and a consistent tone of voice that yielded a 42% followership increase within the first six months of our engagement. Simultaneously, we raised customer engagement through reliable posting calendars, posting captivating content captured from on-site photoshoots, and strategic hashtag usage.

Above all, Champion’s social and digital presences were rebuilt to look like the groundbreaker it is. Slick, airtight design, and gapless user experiences provided the same high level of detail that customers have come to expect of the company’s drills, presses, and bits.
Champion’s legacy web materials often proved difficult to access via phone or tablet, offering a constricted view that couldn’t showcase the breadth of depth of their product offering. Airing out their website and redesigning it from a mobile-first perspective gave us the chance to properly display sizes, product SKUs and applications, clearing up past confusion and allowing customers to quickly identify, match and purchase products within a highly specified environment.
Built to last
Throughout our work with Champion, our common focus on the company’s future fostered a successful partnership from start to finish. Retooling their website to meet today’s needs generated immediate wins through web visit totals and increased social currency, adding the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s needs. We continue to monitor and refine Champion’s digital marketing as trusted partners.
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