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Evolve Houston

An Energized Digital Experience
Evolve Houston is a nonprofit bringing awareness education surrounding Electric Vehicle implementation to the Greater Houston area, in collaboration with public and private organizations, local government, as well as residents. Education and raising awareness is a primary mission of the organization, which also strives to improve regional air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over 47% of the area’s GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions are from the transportation sector, which makes this mission of particular importance for the region as it can greatly reduce these emissions. They came to BOWEN looking to create an experience that would surge productivity forward on this citywide goal.
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The Challenge

Electric vehicles are still a new prospect, as few are acutely aware of the opportunities being offered, and those up to speed have limited access to resources for implementation. Evolve Houston strived to create a relatable brand unlike other “go green” campaigns, uniquely tailored to the cultural pulse of Houston, TX and the surrounding area. The initiative also had to serve as a glowing example for other cities, and expand the scope of the conversation to create a positive influence across the country.

Evolve’s new experience needed to impress and excite from the moment the user journey begins to fully articulate the value of these benefits and inspire people to take action in an initiative that will significantly improve the quality of life in their city – and the planet as a whole. It’s a lofty goal for a website to drive this much investment and encourage lifestyle changes at scale, so a strong UX/UI was absolutely essential.

Localized for Target Audience
Electrifying Content to Engage
Our Approach
An Interactive, Futuristic Journey

Our team knew the on-page experience had to be incredibly immersive to get the level of community buy-in needed for the program to ultimately succeed. The right foundation was critical, which is why Evolve’s site had to undergo a complete overhaul – from the first few seconds of reaching the homepage, the organization’s enthusiasm and futuristic outlook regarding electric vehicles needed to be palpable and contagious. The design needed to inspire the visitor enough to spend time educating themselves on these benefits as well was take initiative, so the first impression needed to elicit a high degree of interest.

It was a challenge for our New York-based team to create a culturally relevant aesthetic for another city, prompting us to dive deep into collaborative research with Evolve to ensure each piece of content would resonate with the target audience. Large, “Bigger in Texas” style text accompanies the most well-known scenic views in Houston, which the team researched and curated in collaboration with the client. This was a delicate balance of studying best practices on a nationwide scale while keeping a keen eye on opportunities to inject local flavor wherever possible.

These dynamic pieces of content allowed us to incorporate green into the color palette without blending into the sea of environmental initiatives competing for community attention and support. Bright colors such as purples were used to accent key page sections and create an electrifying presence not commonly achieved with other environmental digital experiences.

Fully Responsive
We sacrificed nothing in the mobile experience. The low-latency, high-performance interface allowed for simple menus, tiles, and tabs for users browsing on a phone or tablet. All interactive experiences and contact points remained intact, formatted for a vertical scroll and buttressed by a hamburger menu for jumping between pages and product information more efficiently.
A Design for Global Impact
The result of our collaboration surpassed all expectations and created significant pride within the leadership team and the organization as a whole. Our team created a digital experience that portrays Evolve’s excitement and optimism toward the future. The new design is a striking, one-of-a-kind website, that serves to elevate the organization’s mission and inspire users enough to take action. BOWEN is proud to play a role in advancing this mission within our country, and excited to create design meant to create an enduring positive impact on the world’s environment, and our collective future as a global society.
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