B a c k   T o   T h o u g h t s

Chances are you already know about Google’s major algorithm updates – Google Panda and Google Penguin – and how those updates changed your rankings and organic website traffic. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times a year.

Knowledge of Google’s algorithm change history is the key to improving search engine optimization. In every aspect – mindset, keywords, content and link building – Google is simply a different beast today than its primitive roots as an Internet search engine. And what better way to track the evolution of SEO than by traveling back in time?

No one understood the value of time-travel more than Back to the Future’s Doc Brown. In his Delorean, we could travel from the dawn of SEO to the future – and stop at every trend, impact and era along the way. At the end of our journey, we could return with the answers every marketer wants to know about search engine optimization.



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