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On Wednesday, June 21, 900+ Meltwater Summit Attendees and speakers gathered at the beautiful Glasshouse venue in NYC. The event was the largest that Meltwater has held to date, and they triumphed in the opportunity to engage, educate, and impress their large audience of Meltwater customers. 

After recently launching the new Meltwater and Klear websites, BOWEN was invited to sponsor the event, and connect with marketers, PR professionals, and content creators from all over the country. 

How was the Meltwater Summit?
Impressive and successful in covering a lot of ground. Insightful conversations from panels of respected industry professionals were held that addressed important topics of today such as the future of media, working with influencers, the agency perspective of PR, and navigating misinformation.

Powerful interviews were held with Bethenny Frankel, the founder and CEO of Skinnygirl, and best selling author, Trevor Noah, that each shined light on the personal determination and discipline it takes to achieve success with building a brand, and the business journeys that have come along with it. Both shared in their outlook on how they pursue a successful career, how they are selective on the people they choose to work along side of and interact with, and, most importantly, how they want to live this life (all with a remarkable sense of humor). 

Some insight shared from speakers:
“Contrary to popular belief, disruption in marketing isn’t always about doing something revolutionary. It’s often about advocating for innate truths we all know and feel in our gut, but somehow still end up denying.” - Zaria Parvez, Global Social Media Manager, Duolingo

“Your platform must be agile to keep your brand out in front of a fast-changing world. The key to an agile platform: A deep understanding of stakeholders’ trust and what drives it. For this, you need to go beneath the surface. You need to know who’s influencing your stakeholders and what they care about." - Sheila Mulligan, Managing Director, Corporate Brand + Reputation at Edelman

“There's power in creativity – it’s what makes people stop and pay attention – but now, more than ever before, people crave inspiration, personalization, and connection from the brands they know and love. The best brands can harness that creativity with genuine purpose to create something meaningful.” - James Wright, Global CEO, Red Havas

“During a recession, downturn, or pandemic - the first instinct is to pull back on marketing investment (both in dollars and people). It’s more important than ever to ensure marketing is seen as a growth lever. Because when a brand goes dark, they cede customers’ “mental space” to competitors.” Rose Jia, Head of Growth Marketing, Amazon

BOWEN <3 Meltwater

Our team thoroughly enjoyed being part of this event. We were excited to meet with so many members of the Meltwater team, including their CTO, Aditya Jami, and many members of their marketing team that we have worked closely with over the past year. We were able to explore their full suite of solutions, and learned more about the recently launched AI features that will add significant value to their customers. We experienced their enthusiasm and insightful nature as pioneers in this industry of media, social intelligence, and data, and really loving what they do. We hope this will be the first of many future events that we can be a part of.

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