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Finding Room to Grow
As one of the earliest movers in the CBD industry, TONIC came to us with a dream and a mission: Match the looks to the goods. Founder Brittany Carbone had discovered a world-changing blend of CBD and botanical blends, and it was time to let that same world know with a new web design.
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The Vibe Guide
The Challenge | Harvesting Opportunity
As the popularity of TONIC’s flower, pens and edibles soared, their team of founders, researchers, growers and sellers found new obstacles in keeping pace with demand. The product had evolved to a sophisticated place, but their existing web presence — while true to their voice — carried points of inconsistency, miscasting the purity and excellence of what they had to offer. New audiences and greater sales numbers stood within reach.
A stress-relieving, mood-boosting remedy grown purposefully and sustainably
Natural relief crafted from a deep herbal knowledge
Tonic | E-commerce web design | website redesign | BOWEN Web Design Agency | Long Island Web Design
Our Approach
Our Approach | The Digital Cure
TONIC already took ownership for the science and know-how required to call themselves an industry leader. A tip-to-tail rebrand and new web design would give their blends the platform they deserved. Our first orders of business: conversions, online sales and subscriptions.

Refocusing the company’s subscription model and opening the door wider to wholesale opportunities, we were able to bring TONIC’s membership program to the forefront of its offering. Sales began to tick with more avenues to purchase, a greater customer knowledge base and a wider offering of products.

Our web design agency collaborated closely with the TONIC team to reformat their portions of their funnel, developing a step-by-step online quiz that can help curious customers discover the blend that could work best for them. A feature unique to the industry and targeted to first-time CBD and adaptogen seekers.

Working alongside TONIC founders and stakeholders, our web design company rewrote, redesigned and recoded the entire digital experience, prioritizing clarity and user interactions. We made life as simple as possible for visitors looking to purchase, restock and learn more about the growing process at Tricolla Farms, the organically-tended fields where the story began.
With Tonic’s mobile viewership at a steady increase, we custom-built their new web design to appear as seamlessly on phones and tablets as desktops. Browsing products by screen-length tiles offered an adaptive, swipeable experience that lives seamlessly beneath thumbs.
Tonic | E-commerce web design | website redesign | BOWEN Web Design Agency | Long Island Web Design
The Finishing Touches
Our web design agency completed our work by putting a finer point on TONIC’s social and sustainability efforts by building out a dedicated resource to highlight the Purpose Program, a monthly giving initiative that donates a portion of the company’s profits to a rotating cast of nonprofits month to month. A mission we’re proud to stand beside, as TONIC stands apart in the CBD and herbal industries.
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