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Stuyvesant Dental Associates

enhancing the smiles of thousands
Stuyvesant Dental Associates has been practicing modern and safe dentistry for over 30 years, helping patients to achieve their most beautiful smile, with teeth that look totally natural, comfortable and last a long time. The practice was in need of a dental website that reflected their sophistication, experience and highlighted their specialized cosmetic treatments.
Branding, Web Design, Creative Strategy
Unconventional, Personal ampersand Squeaky Clean
Periwinkle Blue
Cool Silver
Dark Grey
A strong creative strategy was necessary to encourage people to go to the dentist
Proxima Nova
Body copy size - Proxima Nova 18px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
Our Approach
Dental Transformation
Our objective was to create a visual experience that would draw local prospective patients towards the benefits of good dental care instead of adding to their fear and anxiety in any way. With the right usage of iconography, friendly language, a soft color palette, and vibrant imagery throughout, we were able to create an inviting first impression of the dental practice. We created a colorful patient services page and a Smiles Gallery that strategically showcases before and after pictures that clearly feature Stuyvesant Dental's high-level expertise.
Care for Your Smile On the Go
Stuyvesant residents can now easily find, research, and get directions to their local Dentist from any device.
Practicing Modern and Safe Dentistry
Our team enjoyed working with a dental group that appreciated the details of a clean and modern dental design (beyond the mouth). Stuyvesant Dental Associates now has the StuyTown web presence it needed and can make a strong impression to prospective patients in the area.
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