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Dr. and Entrepreneur Jason Lipetz approached our web design agency with a vision to solve a medical service problem: increasing tendencies towards taking medication to mask pain, and undergoing unnecessary surgical procedures. Dr. Jason Lipetz’s concept was to make an unprecedented move towards spine care availability: creating a platform where patients could make a same-day appointment with a recognized spine specialist in his or her community.
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Symbolic, Responsive ampersand Iconic
Clinician Silver
Scrub Blue
Specialist Blue
Patient Coral
In order to establish trust, and present clear guidance to our audience in a state of need, or even emergency, it was crucial that the text was incredibly legible, personal, and direct.
Proxima Nova
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This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
Connecting Patients and Specialists Across the Country
Salvaging a Broken System
Our web design agency's primary objective is to influence the way the American people respond to back pain by creating an interface that guides users to seamlessly connect with a nearby specialist, and see the availability to book a same-day appointment. Our hopes with this brand and web design are that people can receive the help they need faster, and give their pain the specialized attention it deserves.
Spine-1-1 connects you with recognized spine specialists in your community
User-friendly, Robust, and Scalable
Our Approach
Crafting Game-Changing Access to Spine Specialists.
Passionate about building a solution to this problem, our team conceived the SPINE-1-1 brand identity. Our web design agency built out a powerful platform for a seamless local specialist search, along with an effective onboarding application for specialists to join the movement.
Constructing the Future of Accessible Spinal Care.
Our partnership with SPINE-1-1 is focused on enhancing their brand identity and service as it gains in popularity. New enhancements and features are regularly added as we continue supporting them in the effort to provide advanced methods of diagnosis and patient care.
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