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School Safety Grant

Securing Schools Across the Nation
School Safety Grant approached us with the initiative to create the brand identity design of a new government grant, geared towards improving the safety and security of all school districts in the United States. The grant funds advanced, easily-implemented life-saving technology that drastically accelerates law enforcement response times to active shooter scenes.
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High-Tech, Seamless ampersand Life-Saving
Strong Orange
Fresh Orange
Proud Blue
Safety Blue
We selected Archivo as the brand's font due to its modern demeanor and personable characteristics.
Body copy size - Archivo 16px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. We sought a font that had roundness similar to the logo but also had the ability to look bold enough and still be legible when used in paragraph text. Archivo had a nice range of font weights, making it flexible enough for a variety of website uses.
Balancing the complexities of life-saving technology
A delicate subject matter, our designers and marketers needed to configure the perfect balance of color, imagery and brand tone to comprehensively explain what the School Safety Grant is, how it works, and it's importance. Without striking fear, pain, or coming off too political, the branding Identity design needed to inform and inspire Americans to act.
Advanced emerging technology enables law enforcement to instantly gain access to school cameras, floor plans, PA systems and remote door control systems.
It's a Matter of Time.
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Our Approach
Motivate the Masses
Our branding and marketing team collaboratively developed a brand Identity design that not only justified the reasons behind the mission, but that also sparked a light of hope in others; safer schools are a necessary possibility. The new logo honors the victims of the Parkland tragedy and commemorates the many organizations that allow for this initiative to save time and save lives. The intricate logo details and their symbolisms are proudly displayed on the grant's mission page.

Our goal was to craft an informative and intuitive web design that motivates users to act. Our web designers crafted a compelling homepage with clear navigation, making it seamless for SSG's different target audiences to find where they can take action to make a difference. It was critical that the web design featured multiple access points to the grant nomination form so that students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement officials could apply instantly from anywhere on the website.

To inform Americans and immerse them in the significance of this critical initiative, we focused on maintaining a balance between innocence and action. Our team incorporated powerful statistics into the website to put an emphasis on the high stakes and seriousness of a school shooting. This was vital in generating a heightened sense of urgency amongst our audience, encouraging them to make a difference by nominating their school for a grant today.

Upon completing the nomination process, users are then taken to a "thank you" landing page where they have the ability to spread SSG awareness on social media, further informing and inspiring their community to nominate their school for a safety grant.

Lastly, our team created a sophisticated backend dashboard for SSG administrators. Admins are able to vet the nominations, accept their registrations, and then approve the candidates so they can formally begin filling out the grant application online. Administrators are also able to see the percentage of users who are filling out the application along with their prospective locations, providing deeper insights to the progress of applying for the grant. Automated technology was integrated into the system to send email reminders to grant applicants who have not yet finished completing the application process.
Responsive & United Support
The majority of Americans always have their mobile devices at an arm's length away. We strived to make the mobile experience of the SSG website intuitive and fast for all audiences in the hopes to maximize how many will apply, or nominate a school to apply for the grant. A mobile-friendly design component for easy social sharing to the platform of choice was added, enabling those who have nominated a school to seamlessly encourage others to do so as well.
Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
A Contribution to a Life-Saving Movement
Playing a vital role in the success of this vital and life-saving initiative has been an honor. Our web design team and branding and marketing team are so thrilled to see the number of people applying for the School Safety Grant, and how many grants that have already been distributed. As these numbers continue to grow throughout the country, we are looking forward to watching this significant movement gain more traction over time, and we highly encourage everyone to make a difference by nominating a school in their community today.
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