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RCM Insurance

Honesty. Trust. Eye-level service. The foundations of RCM Insurance are what positioned it ahead of its competitors for the 30+ years, pairing contractors and small-to-midsize businesses with the right coverage at the right price. As a family-operated company, RCM relied almost exclusively on word of mouth and referrals to develop its reputation. The time had arrived to create a web presence befitting of it.
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Many clients come to us with a broken site in need of fixing. Others come with ideas to put into practice. RCM trusted us to take the wheel and develop a custom web design from the ground up, completely of our own making. To date, RCM had not developed a web presence and needed something that not only represented their services but represented a brand that had yet to be cultivated.
The right coverage. The right price. It’s this simple.
30+ Years of Construction, Commercial and Unique Insurance Markets
Our Approach
Going Deep
Before we could begin our web design, writing and coding process, we embarked on a discovery mission to steep ourselves in RCM, its services and potential avenues for building a brand. Between one-on-one interviews with the owner, UX gut tests and customer analysis, we landed in a place that laid the track for the road ahead.

A company that specializes in helping specialty industries insure specialty equipment deserved to look, feel and act like a specialty brand. Our vision for the RCM brand and web design remained simple, elegant and modern.

Arranging RCM’s custom website into their primary services and creating clear, divided destinations for contractors, small businesses, and those seeking personal or auto policies, we generated a framework that would work quickly for new visitors, yet remain recognizable for existing customers. We dedicated time to providing write-ups for each industry RCM serves, building an expedited landing pages for construction, hospitality and real estate professionals seeking RCM’s advantages for their line of work alone.

Confident in appearances and informational elements, we ensured they worked harder to provide bottom-line benefits for RCM: speedier quotes, faster response times and a greater understanding of the company’s offering.

We insured contact information remained easily accessible at the top and bottom of every page for fast and effective customer service. Avoiding the risk of information overload in a complex industry, we provided RCM with a new apparatus to continue doing business the way they always have — over the phone and in person — with a powerful web tool to assist in the process.
We sacrificed nothing in the mobile experience. The low-latency, high-performance interface allowed for simple menus, tiles and tabs for users browsing on a phone or tablet. All of the same company information and contact points remained intact, formatted for a vertical scroll and buttressed by a hamburger menu for jumping between page segments and company services more efficiently.
A Job Well Done
At the close of our work with RCM, the company’s custom website and affiliated digital marketing tools saw early returns. Existing policyholders and potential new businesses began to use RCM’s online portal as a first point of contact, providing both an educational and marketed experience that cut down on call times and widened their customer base.
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