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Branding and Marketing for a Global Organization
PVH — one of the largest global apparel companies – approached us for our branding services to develop an incredibly unique brand for the strategic initiatives office (SIO) within their organization. With SIO’s sole focus on developing future goals and forward thinking, we were tasked with branding their team’s DNA, which carried out through each impactful impression, global presentation, and internal correspondence.
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Intuitive, Progressive ampersand Creative
Radical Red
We chose Helvetica Neue because the typography was highly accessible and universal. Our team selected a typeface that we felt best complimented the brand and logo, and could be used consistently throughout internal communication, and global presentations alike.
Helvetica Neue
Body copy size - Helvetica Neue 18px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on a presentation or email. This typeface compliments both the SIO and PVH brand, and is highly legible throughout all collateral.
Our unique designs encompassed their manifesto and expanded to a variety of branded merchandise.
The Challenge
We were tasked with creating a new branding Identity design for a highly specialized team within a huge global organization. Just as SIO takes a futuristic approach into everything that they do, we naturally took a futuristic approach into branding them. Our challenge was cobranding SIO with the existing PVH logo, and planning for scalability with the knowledge that SIO may eventually have more branches or subdivisions.
Communicating data through visualization, we used pop colors for emphasis in complex charts and graphs.
Vibrant, Reimagined and Stylized
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Based on SIO’s specific goals, we created brand guidelines for the team to carry out moving forward. Due to the success of SIO’s branding,  we anticipate working with the PVH global supply chain to further develop brands under the PVH umbrella including the global supply chain itself.