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Premier Care Industries

A Leader & Innovator Throughout The Wet Wipes & Hygiene Industry
Premier Care Industries is a leading and growing global wet wipe manufacturer and supplier that produces some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Our creative agency was approached to assist Premier Care in providing a modernized web experience for its users that accurately emphasizes the brand’s ever-evolving set of manufacturing capabilities, products, innovative spirit, standards of quality, and private label solutions.
Web Design, Creative Strategy, Videography
Modern, Clean ampersand Unparalleled
Premier Care Green
Leaf Green
Fresh Teal
Pure Clean Blue
Company Video Production

Highlighting the fast-paced and new state of the art manufacturing plant was our digital agency's first priority. We were able to capture their newest factory with custom video production loaded with fresh visuals, accurately reflecting the speed, quality, and cleanliness of all Premier Care manufacturing facilities. The video overlays company standards, values of quality and sustainability, and mission to help create a germ-free world.

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Providing the best in chemical blends for a wide range of specialty applications from personal care, OTC, household to automotive products.
The Challenge: A Digital Disconnect
With the latest generation of family members rising in company leadership and plans to open their newest manufacturing facility, Premier Care desired to present the growing company in a new and modern light with a refreshed web design. Although fitted to manufacture both large and small scale quantity orders, Premier Care faced difficulties expressing the brand’s flexible capabilities and contract manufacturing services on their previous website. In addition to manufacturing, our team strived to create a custom web design that focused on accurately portraying the state of the art, ultra-clean facilities, and world-class customer service.
Revolutionary Hygiene Solutions, Products, & Ideas That Positively Change the World
Manufacturing Some of the World’s Most Recognizable Brands
Our Approach
Redefine "Fresh"
Our team strived to deliver a one of a kind, highly engaging, modern, and intuitive custom website for Premier Care Industries and it’s audience consisting of leading retailers, distributors, and OEMs.

To easily communicate Premier Care's various manufacturing capabilities and products, we created a detailed and appealing navigation for users to see the full range of services and products at a glance. The end-use environments of the products are also front facing, engaging the user at the top of the homepage sliders when they first visit the website.

As a generational family business that has been consistently growing for over 20 years, it was crucial for our creative agency to develop a careers page that portrays the family culture as well as all the benefits of working at Premier Care. In addition to intriguing iconography, the new company page uses authentic photos of Premier Care employees, some of which have been with the company for over 20 years, and a new company video. Users also have the ability to apply for available positions and upload their resume directly to the careers page in just a few clicks.

To make Premier Care more personable and better tell the story of their history, we designed a company timeline that visually tells the story of the manufacturing company's growth from the beginning, and it ends with how they are currently helping to battle COVID-19.

As a manufacturer with the ability to produce a wide range of products, it was crucial to emphasize these capabilities in detail with an intricate markets page that focuses on specific target audiences, a natural alternatives page showing chemical-free wet wipe solutions, and a sustainability page that outlines Premier Care's goals to enhance their manufacturing processes for the future.

Last, the new website uses bold primary colors such as emerald green and blue to create a soothing palette for the eyes and accentuate the high level of unparalleled cleanliness and quality of Premier Care's facilities. These colors are used in a variety of tech companies as well as create a sense of nourishment and trustworthiness.
Designed for Professionals ‘On The Go’
An audience composed of ‘on the go’ healthcare, retail, and industry professionals demands a high-speed, responsive web experience. Compatible with all current web browsing technologies, Premier Care now has the ability to connect and create more global partnerships with a stunning website that is guaranteed to make an impact.
A Paved Path for Growth
Since the launch of the new site, Premier Care has received an overwhelming amount of opportunities from all over the world due to the high demands of sanitizing products from COVID-19. The pandemic has certainly accelerated and reassured Premier Care's continued path for growth in the world and we are privileged to be a partner and provide continued support for the company as they continue to make a difference with every opportunity.
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