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Oxford & Simpson

Relocating Corporate America
Oxford & Simpson, a well-respected industry leader in commercial real estate, approached us to rebrand and revamp their real estate website to best represent their capabilities, featured commercial properties, and expertise.
Branding, Web Design, Photography
Corporate, Bold ampersand Experienced
Oxford Grey
Space Blue
Sapphire Blue
Powder Blue
Body copy size - Crimson 17px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
To add authenticity to the real estate design, we captured original photography at various commercial property locations and incorporated them as a primary design element.
Commercial property image assets that were available to us initially were too small and would have taken away from the detail and quality that we wanted to showcase in the architecture. We took creative liberty to capture our own assets to create a stronger website.
Designing for a well-respected industry leader in commercial real estate.
Corporate, Full-Screen & Architectural.
High Rise Opportunity
A real estate website with a fresh look with engaging authentic imagery brings value to a company's first impression, credibility, brand equity, and inner momentum. Oxford & Simpson now has more ammo in communicating their commercial real estate experience with large brands, and the website has opened doors for more successful transactions in the future.
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