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Launching into the US Market with Class
Outletics manufactures luxury weatherized exercise equipment capable of withstanding the elements, with a color-customizable and polished look. Already in over 50 parks and recreation centers worldwide, Outletics came to us anticipating their expansion into the United States. Retaining its elegant-yet-approachable tone while translating the brand from its Swiss origin was absolutely essential.
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The Challenge

Outletics came to us while expanding their luxury Swiss athletic brand to the United States. Although they were ready to engage an American audience, the brand needed to be proudly Swiss. The look and feel of their stunning equipment needed to be translated to their online persona and print materials, while ensuring the messaging appealed to prospects in the United States. It was vital to establish them as the leader in outdoor athletic equipment, while still emphasizing the gear's fun and accessible nature.

Every point of brand contact needed to be refreshing and high-class, without alienating the casual exercise community. Since Outletics cares deeply about sharing the benefits of exercise with all skill levels, emphasizing safety was also crucial for the adjusted children's equipment line.

Understated Elegance
Inviting and Fun by Design
Our Approach
Iconic Brand Affirmation

This balance between excellence and inclusiveness required an elevated user journey to make an impact. We developed a remarkable digital experience designed from the ground up to cross the threshold of market entry. Outletics color palette combines the high energy and strength of the distinctive red & black duo, met with the coolness of the galvanized grey. Including this fresh tone to the mix adds a layer to the brand’s vibe, leveling the scale of motion, freshness and ease of use and for maximum user engagement. We built an intuitive yet alternative user experience, scrolling from left to right, and breaking the barriers of the grid. Finally, we developed preferred descriptors to showcase the impressive product line in its best light. This allowed Outletics' signature fusion of premium standards and approachable energy to shine through an array of digital and print marketing materials.

An "Everywhere" Athletic Experience
We sacrificed nothing in the mobile experience. The low-latency, high-performance interface allowed for simple menus, tiles and tabs for users browsing on a phone or tablet while using the equipment itself. All company information and contact points remained intact, formatted for a vertical scroll and buttressed by a hamburger menu for jumping between pages and product information more efficiently.
A One-of-a-Kind Experience
Each element of the Outletics brand was enthusiastically developed to radiate the unique value proposition their European engineering standards bring to the table, establish their expertise, and encourage participation from people of all levels of physical ability. The sleek, minimal design delivers their message at a glance -- while the added experience provides a layer of depth unparalleled in their industry.
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