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Metropolitan Realty Group

Rethinking Affordable Housing
When Scott Jaffee founded the Metropolitan Realty Group (MRG), he entered from a place of compassion and community. He saw himself establishing MRG as a home for both tenants and his employees, and after developing, managing and maintaining affordable housing units for 20+ years, he came to us with renewed ambitions. Seeing the market crowd with impersonal financial firms, the time was ripe to build a new brand identity comprised of a new logo, print materials, and an accessible, custom website representative of his differentiating approach.
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The Challenge | Renewing A History
The affordable housing developers desired a new brand identity on par with the one they’d build by word of mouth over the last 20+ years. Conversations around rebranding grew into several goals, including a modernized logo, visual style, website, and messaging strategy that could give MRG a distinguished, compassionate position that tenants and employees already came to know through the years of lived experiences.
Providing safe, quality homes and the communities between them.
At the forefront of the NYC area’s affordable housing market for 20+ years.
Our Approach
Smart, Fast & Nimble
After multiple breakout sessions with the MRG, our web design agency established the urgency of the project for Scott and his team. An of-the-moment website is what they needed most in presenting themselves to tenants, government agencies and key stakeholders, communicating safety, sensibility and a human-to-human touch.

We moved quickly, gut-testing logos, design schemes, color palettes and messaging strategies with the ultimate goal of elevating MRG’s presentation. We wanted something that would create a positive reputation to precede them — something flexible and professional to fit everywhere from tenants’ phones to presentations at the mayor’s office.

We reworked MRG’s website hierarchy into simple, elegant striations that logically organized and previewed their thousands of apartment units, recent news, company information and online tenant news. The new formatting provided easy skimming for anyone familiar to MRG’s services, and an easy scroll for newcomers looking to learn more about their affordable housing services.

Our logo work reflected MRG’s rapid growth both in and outside of the New York metro, sprouting towers above the treeline with a calm, authoritative M positioned in their shadow. The final product stands as a grounding marker for the web page navigation, as well as a standalone visual for print and collateral applications.

Not to be forgotten, we minded MRG’s commitment to social responsibility by dedicating multiple segments of the site to the company’s recent charitable work and close-knit relationships with community foundations and alliances.
Metropolitan Realty Group’s website redesign functions just as capably on a phone or tablet. Unlike their prior web presence, which carried caps and break points throughout its scroll, our overhaul turned it into an effortless browsing experience. Clear, resolute imagery and short reels perform smoothly on any device, giving way to concise calls to action and simple contact points that make it simple for tenants and other visitors to interface with MRG.
Opening Doors
Rebuilding MRG's brand identity proved a gratifying endeavor for both our team and theirs, profiling and publishing each of MRG’s employees within the site architecture to cap a job well done. In just months, we gave the affordable-housing leader all the materials needed to carry on critical conversations with decision-makers and officials while still welcoming their tenants and fostering community in a single digital space.
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