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Lombardo Homes & Estates

Project Intro
Since 1998, Lombardo Homes & Estates (LHE) has been a dedicated full-service residential real estate brokerage servicing Nassau, Suffolk and the 5 boroughs. Lombardo approached us to design an innovative real estate website, refreshed brand Identity design and to integrate marketing automation tools for a seamless process.
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Sophisticated, Trust-worthy ampersand Luxurious
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Ever Green
We chose Cormorant Garamond to elevate the brand's sophistication and neutralized the colors to create a more modern look and feel.
Cormorant Garamond
Body copy size - Cormorant Garamond 16px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
The Challenge: Sending A Trustworthy Message
Lombardo Homes & Estates found an interesting way to position itself in the residential real estate market: “We’ll sell your home for free.” For a proposition that sounds too good to be true, building a brand Identity design with trust and a high level of professional experience were essential to communicate to our audience. The redesigned real estate website was to be integrated with a new CRM system that would recreate an elegant introduction to a conversation that can traditionally be more loud or aggressive in this industry. There was a previous dependency on various 3rd party tools that had different functionality, so our goal was to find a solution that would tie everything together, providing a birds-eye view of where every lead stood to our customer. MLS listings were to also be featured directly on the website in a branded and aesthetically appealing way, in addition to featuring listings exclusively marketed by LHE.
The Lombardo team prides itself on making every seller the highest home sale in the neighborhood.
Industry-Leading Real Estate Marketing
Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Our Approach
A Real Estate Website Unlike Any Other
We first refreshed Lombardo’s brand Identity design with a modernized logo redesign and marketing materials. This included redesigning email templates, direct mail pieces, and seller agreements that featured friendly but professional language, making it more inviting for leads to sign on. As a branding agency, we focused on incorporating Lombardo's unique voice into all branding and marketing collateral.

Our team then crafted a clean and sophisticated real estate web design to best represent the brand’s high quality and years of experience in the industry. WIth widescreen video banners, captivating imagery, and digestible copy, we were able to capture the brand’s luxurious demeanor. Our team also customized how the MLS listings filter which drastically improved the user engagement on the website. The most significant component of this real estate website, however, is the integrated technology behind the scenes.

On the redesigned website, the new sellers' agreements are now dynamically generated once a user fills out a website inquiry form, and a customized automation journey is triggered. Integrated with 3rd party e-signature software, the signed agreement starts the professional relationship with LHE. Lead journeys were optimized by perfecting the timing and tone of messaging, increasing conversion rates. A new CRM system houses all lead information in one place, providing our client with a bird's-eye view of the status of every prospect int their journey.

Browse Homes on Any Device
We crafted a web design perfectly tailored to fit and perform on every web browser and mobile device, essential for meeting the needs of home sellers and seekers on the go.
Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Propelling an Industry Forward
We admire Lombardo Homes & Estates for their ambition to have found a unique and compelling proposition value in such a competitive industry. We are so excited to have made such a difference for LHE with technology, brand Identity design, a logo redesign, and a modern real estate website. Our team looks forward to working alongside one another to further develop their brand Identity in the real estate industry.
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