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The Modern Lender
Flexwealth is a licensed asset-based lender that provides financing against luxury assets, targeting high-net-worth individuals. Looking to increase brand awareness nationwide, the company approached us for a refreshed brand identity and new finance website.
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The Challenge
The previous logo design fell short in establishing trust and credibility. Due to the negative connotation associated with Red in the finance world, we enhanced the company’s logo to incorporate a pop color that signifies growth, money, and stability. The letter “X”, which can also have a negative connotation, was smoothened and modified to illustrate a more fluid, forward motion. We introduced a softer, sans-serif typeface and added “Asset-based lending” for clarity.
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Our Approach
Flexible Lending Against Assets of Wealth
We redesigned the Flexwealth brand and financial website to attract a more modern and affluent audience. Featured loan programs and asset classes were structured alongside insightful statistics, visual graphics, and engaging video.
Transforming Assets Into Opportunities
Flexwealth quickly began to gain traction after launching both the finance website and nation-wide digital marketing campaign. The new financial website sets a strong foundation for the emerging startup as it continues on its path to growth.
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