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Elisa DiStefano

With over a decade of experience covering everything from breaking news to star-studded exclusive red carpet events, Elisa Distefano is one of the most well-known names in Long Island entertainment journalism. An award-winning features reporter, Elisa Distefano has interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood and is widely recognized for her contagious positivity, daily news segments and humanitarian acts of kindness.
Branding, Web Design, Photography, Creative Strategy
Classy, Dynamic ampersand Professional
Billboard Black
Glamorous Gray
Wardrobe White
Ratio Modern was the font selected for Elisa Distefano’s celebrity website, as it is a very elegant and distinguished font with both feminine and formal characteristics to it. The font stood out to our branding services team as it accomplishes the look and feel that our website redesign aimed to embody.
Ratio Modern
Body copy size - Ratio Modern 16px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
We invited Elisa into our office for a photoshoot to enrich the website with beautiful images that perfectly captured her bubbly personality, strong sense of self and fun-loving spirit.
The Challenge
In giving the celebrity website redesign a more polished feel, it was essential that our brand identity design showcased Elisa’s dynamic professional abilities, strengths, and experience while still preserving her energetic personality and zest for life.
Our team revamped and refreshed her brand identity design to match Elisa’s vivacious personality.
Elegant, Trendsetting & Chic
Elisa DiStefano - Celebrity Website on laptop, Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Our Approach
Shining Elisa In The Spotlight
Our primary goal in redesigning Elisa’s celebrity website was to elevate her brand identity design and web presence to match her success and communicate her established career. With a strong understanding of branding and marketing, it was important to include her social media feed, as she has an incredibly active fan base on her various accounts, notably Instagram. Our branding services team added a ‘Featured On’ scroller to call attention to her extensive experience, as well as a newsletter sign up to stay up to date on Elisa’s events and appearances in order to further increase her fan base.
Fully Responsive Design
Due to Elisa’s huge social media following and prominence in the local community with daily events and activities, it was crucial to design a stunning, fully responsive mobile celebrity website for her active and on-the-go audience.
Elisa DiStefano - Celebrity Website on mobile, Branding services, brand identity design, branding and marketing, branding agency
Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Elisa DiStefano
“We hired Bowen to create five sites for our businesses because of their professionalism, ability to create unique and custom designs and their attention to detail and deadlines, They have gone above and beyond to become part of our team, collaborating on ideas with enthusiasm, and have helped us build our brands. ” - Mo Cassara & Elisa DiStefano
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