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Chocolate Works

Hand-crafted Belgian Goodness
Chocolate Works is a manufacturer of high-quality Belgian chocolates specializing in decadent, customized chocolate experiences. Chocolate Works approached our digital agency for our web design, brand identity design services to polish up and increase their online presence which required a sophisticated, highly customized eCommerce website solution, a well crafted, user experience and logo enhancements.
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Inviting, Playful ampersand Lively
Chocolate Cosmos
Candy Apple Red
Vermillion Hearts
Nougat Blue
We chose Roboto Slab because it very closely matched the font within the Chocolate Works logo. Our expert branding and marketing team's goal was to select a quirky and whimsical headline font with a style of serif that reflected the “fun” that the Chocolate Works brand celebrates. Open Sans was selected as a body font for clear legibility, and its cleanliness compliments the bold quirkiness of the headline style.
Roboto Slab
Body copy size - Roboto Slab 16px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
We coordinated a photoshoot to best represent their capabilities for customizing delectable Belgian chocolates to fit any special occasion.
Signature Truffles
Product Photography
Product Photography
Product Photography
We chose product-inspired, playful patterns with holiday motifs and intriguing textures that could carry over to the website, packaging and other marketing materials.
The Challenge
Chocolate Works approached us with a unique eCommerce goal to fulfill various streams of revenue through a unified online platform. With an aim to target national franchisees to join their franchise, we were to create a robust eCommerce website with a fantastic end-user experience for the online shopper.
With engagement like never before, we have seen an increase in online revenue, online bookings for birthday parties and workshops, and corporate gifting and promotional product orders.
Informative, Multifunctional and Seamless.
Chocolate Works eCommerce Website on laptop
Our Approach
A Complete eCommerce Solution
Built on Magento 2.0, the new Chocolate Works eCommerce website consists of several custom features such as party and event booking, a franchisee dashboard, a store locator, and configurable products. We integrated party planning software, social media feeds, a clean navigation, and custom functionality to elevate the user experience.
Explore with Ease
From anywhere on any device, discover Chocolate Works: find a store near you, plan a party, RSVP to a workshop or customize a gift with ease
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Creating Happiness, One Chocolate Smile at a Time
Chocolate Works’ website was fully customized and built to meet and exceed the company's eCommerce goals, nationwide. Online shoppers can successfully browse the eCommerce website, gain full information about each product’s details and experience seamless transactions no matter the order size. With an enhanced brand identity design, Chocolate Works' is moving full speed ahead as they continue to see tremendous growth from all streams of online revenue.
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