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Berkman Henoch

Committed to the success of their clients, Berkman Henoch is a Long Island law firm who proudly embraces their Long Island roots. The partners at Berkman Henoch pride themselves on providing the utmost level of personal attention and absolute dedication to each client, regardless of size.
Branding, Web Design, Print Design, Photography, Marketing
Refined, Experienced ampersand Accessible
Bailiff Black
Grand Jury Gray
Guardian Gold
We created a symbol connecting the B and H of Berkman Henoch to serve as an icon for the law firm's new logo and brand identity design. A classy serif typeface was added to the logo to create an elevated level of sophistication to the brand. The typeface chosen worked incredibly well for larger headlines and was inspired by the environment and energy of Berkman Henoch's work environment.
Body copy size - Cardo 16px
This is an example of how the selected typeface would look as a paragraph of text on the new website. This typeface best compliments the brand, layout, and design of the website.
The challenge
We had the unique pleasure of working directly with the managing partner himself on the evolution of the Berkman Henoch brand identity designn and law firm web design. As the law firm expanded and added practice groups over time, there was an increased need for our branding services to develop a strengthened and unified brand identity design that truly tied the law firm together.
We designed a dignified and striking brand identity that celebrates Berkman Henoch’s diverse practice areas and rich history.
Informational, Classic and Distinguishing.
Law firm web design on laptop
Our Approach
Serving A Diverse Client Base Of All Sizes
We wanted to create an approachable law firm web design that would engage users from their very first interaction, inviting and encouraging prospective clients to reach out to the firm. We also created a robust attorney directory, organized their wide array of practice areas, and designed biography pages for all partners. The new law firm web design showcases its new office, practice areas, and recent news while highlighting their won cases and successes.
Delivering Superior Personal Attention To Every Client
We are thrilled to create a law firm web design and brand identity design for a firm dedicated to personalized care and attention for each and every client. Our team is helping to drive targeted traffic to the Berkman Henoch site, which will, in turn, create awareness for the brand, bring new business to the firm and support their growth moving into the future.
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