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Basic Resources

Captivating A Global Brand
Basic Resources manufacturers, markets, and distributes high-quality legwear, loungewear, and underwear for many of today’s popular fashion brands. For over three decades, this global supply chain has partnered brands like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Reebok, Body Glove and more, to create necessities that perform as well as they look. We were approached to evolve their digital presence with a bold new custom web design, a captivating company video production, and engaging website copy that reflects their massive global scale and impressive reputability.
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Video Production
The new Basic Resources company video production capture's the brand's vibrant energy, fast-paced global logistics teams, and the colorful loungewear products that Basic Resources is proud to create. With each of the brands featured, music and colors incorporated, our goal was to immerse the audience into this fashion-forward global company.
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Cut From a Different Cloth.
The Challenge: A ‘Behind the Scenes’ Fashion Partner
Basic Resources’ previous website consisted of a simplified, one-page design that did not justify the global credibility and impressive evolution of the organization. Our team sought develop a custom web design that reflects Basic Resources’ innovative, passionate, and collaborative nature. Being a company that didn’t want to be easily stumbled upon by the average consumer, our team needed to strategize a balance so the brand could still remain under the radar but also have the best reputability in the industry for those who needed their manufacturing, and global distributing services. Working with popular fashion brands can come with a few strings attached. Content containing any of BR's partners needed to go through various approval processes in order to make the cut for the BR website, ensuring the quality of their individual brands were properly represented.
Ensuring that every stitch, every fiber and every design fulfills its purpose: to perform.
No shortcuts. No sacrifices.
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Our Approach
Everything But Basic.
To capture the essence of an impressive company working with big-name fashion brands, we shot and developed a company video production that compiled the vibrant energy, fast-paced global logistics teams, and the colorful loungewear that Basic Resources is proud to create. From the music to the colors used, our goal was to immerse the audience into this fashion-forward global company.

Our team was selective on how we featured the Basic Resources headquarters. Captivating imagery of the uniquely branded glass rooms shelved with its perspective products throughout the website successfully captures the brand’s modern work environment and quality products.

To creatively highlight Basic Resources’ abundant history and visually represent all the victories from the brand’s inception, we designed an interactive historical timeline that honors the exponential growth of the organization.

Content is crucial when creating a lasting, impressionable website. Our copywriting services yielded short, bold, and captivating messaging, complimented by striking visuals and pops of color.

Lastly, with sustainability being a critical factor for global fashion partners, it was imperative to design a page acknowledging BR’s environmental responsibility and efforts to practice and approach ongoing sustainable development.
World-Wide Access
A global-scale company needs to be accessible on every browser running on any device. We took a mobile-first approach, producing a fully responsive custom web design that was seamlessly beautiful on every screen, optimized for wherever their audience was looking.
Basic resources custom web design on mobile
Fashion-forward Growth
Working with a trendy, passionate and contemporary brand like Basic Resources has been a fulfilling and inspirational experience. We truly admire their agility, superior production and ability to make other brands shine. Our team anticipates and eagerly looks forward to observing how the new custom web design and video production significantly enhances user engagement and conversions - further establishing Basic Resources’ credibility and growth in the industry.
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