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Hosts Jean Hannon and Stefana Muller, of “Long Island Women in Tech Podcast” highlight Long Island businesses and success stories with women at the center of their focus. President and Partner, Natalie Bowen, was invited to answer a few questions regarding BOWEN’s business strategies, as well as hiring and interviewing tips on the May 26th episode.

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“What are Your Company’s Competitive Advantages?”

Natalie introduces BOWEN and what she believes are the company’s biggest differentiators:

1. A Unique Business Model

    “We partner with businesses over the years to ensure that their brand, website and integrated marketing strategies are all evolving - just as their business evolves,” Natalie says. As a creative agency, we become an extension of our client’s marketing team or even act as their entire marketing team. Rather than be just a vendor for one-off projects, our digital agency commits to long term partnerships with clients in order to consistently build on their growth journey.

    2. A Digital Agency That Understands Both Web Design & Marketing

      Our Long Island digital agency prides in its strategy for building custom websites and digital campaigns that intertwine marketing and web with one another. Traditional agencies will typically focus on either one or the other. In contrast, our creative agency observes the bigger picture for clients, using a variety of methods in both web design and digital marketing to achieve the best results.

      3. A Custom Approach to Every Website

        BOWEN has helped over 600 different businesses, in a multitude of industries with custom-built websites - and not one of them is the same. Rather than build on a templated platform that typically limits owners from customizing or standing out in their industries, our web design agency builds custom software designed exactly for who a business is and what its unique audience needs from their website.

        4. Born Into the Digital Era

          Unlike many other traditional advertising agencies, the BOWEN team was born into the digital era. Natalie and Dan Bowen, CEO of BOWEN, started in the industry, designing and developing websites themselves, which has helped the two become extremely in touch with the quality and value of the custom web design, digital marketing, and brand identity services that BOWEN provides. This also allows the two to successfully connect and select top talent to join their digital agency’s team.

          “Do You Have a Specific Target Market?”

          “We have a specialty working with medium-sized businesses,” answers Natalie. Mid-size businesses have grown organically because of the great work they do. Medium-sized businesses normally have allocated resources and a healthy budget to invest in themselves. Many of these brands often have a better service or product but do not have a proper representation of who they are due to their brand identity or website. We enjoy working with these companies because we believe they deserve a fair shot at competing against large companies.

          In addition, these mid-sized organizations sometimes have one or a few resources in their marketing department that has the time to dedicate to working with us, unlike a smaller business that usually does not. These in-house resources have a deep understanding of the brand and strategy for growth but need a creative agency partner to help execute on their vision.

          “What Makes Your Sales Process Successful?”

          As a web design company, it’s important that our site is the best example of what a modern website can be and instantly impresses an audience. BOWEN’s strong online impression often speaks for itself and leads many large global businesses to approach our creative agency directly. In addition to how it looks, your website also needs to be discoverable, using a strong SEO strategy that allows users from anywhere in the world to find you organically.

          Our methods of acquiring new business involve many deep genuine conversations. We have worked with every industry and are very aware of the pain points businesses are experiencing. Often, discussing a vision to improve a brand's potential gets prospects excited and that energy is contagious. It’s at that point, brands want to take value in a partnership with our creative agency and begin sharing that collaboration and strategy with our team.

          “Give Us Some Tips on How Someone Should Approach the Interview Process”

          Business owners often wear multiple hats but one of the most important is selecting the right people for the team. “We want to work with people who we want to see on a daily basis, who inspire us personally and professionally, people who challenge us to go further,” says Natalie.

          Natalie then explains some of her top interviewing tips:

          • Focus On Value - When speaking on past experience, focus on the value that you brought to that business and how you made a positive impact at the company with your time there. Don’t just focus on the daily tasks and responsibilities. “Results are what people truly care about,” says Natalie.
          • Have a Website or Presentation - As a copywriting, developer, designer or marketing person applying for a position in the creative space, you need a website or presentation to show that you are a good fit. This also gives the company a preview of your work product and helps them envision you doing work for them.
          • Create a Video Resume - If you have a shining personality, a video resume is a great way to show it off. Give the company a glimpse of why you’re great for the position. This will significantly increase the chances of the company’s wanting to meet you because, from your video, they will feel as if they already know you.
          "Is GPA Important to Include on a Resume for a Recent Graduate?"

          While a high GPA is very respectable, Natalie believes that proving what you can do for a company is much more impressive to an employer. We recommend students intern in their industries while in school, as they will need the experience to obtain a job post-graduation. If there are limitations in doing that, then you’ll need to show the drive you have. “If you weren’t interning or working during college then you need to show your discipline and independence to be self-taught,” says Natalie. The creative industry requires never-ending curiosity, and a dedication to grow from within. Highlighting this ability on your resume (if you have no previous experience,) will make a lasting impression.

          “What is Some Advice That Has Really Stood Out to You?”

          In the episode, Natalie mentions that she has been told in the past from close family and friends to “take the cautious route,” in business. However, Natalie firmly believes that everyone should trust in their own destiny, stay driven, and be determined in succeeding and moving forward. You are the greatest force that will push yourself towards success.

          “Is There Any Advice You’d Wish You Had Been Given?”

          “Business is personal. Don’t be ashamed to feel genuine love for your team. Love and care can make us better leaders, it can keep us humble and motivated to succeed, not for just ourselves but for everyone that we care about and are determined to bring forward with us,” says Natalie.

          “What’s One Piece of Advice You’d Like to Share With Our Audience”

          “Find ways to work where you are most passionate,”, says Natalie. It was politics and law that led Natalie to realize that ultimately, creativity fulfilled her soul and allowed her to thrive. “Only if you are passionate about it will you maximize your full potential. That passion will push you forward to greater heights than you could ever imagine. It will not feel like work, it will simply be what you do and who you are. And you will shine the brightest when you are ‘in flow’ doing what you love.”

          “What is Your Favorite Mantra?”

          “Let’s do this,” says Natalie. Internally and with clients, our digital agency uses this saying to pump everyone up, reminding our team, as well as our clients, that we are in this together. We are going to achieve our goals and succeed in all of our endeavors.

          “Where Can People Connect with You?”

          On our website and on Linkedin.

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