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Google AdWords, when used professionally, is an effective tool that allows businesses to drive a targeted audience to multiple destinations on their website to achieve a variety of goals such as brand recognition, online sales, awareness, and direct campaigns. Ads are served to users through a variety of means through all stages of the buying funnel. However, while Google does a fantastic job explaining the mechanics of AdWords to their agency partners, they do little to assist businesses to develop smart, optimized campaigns. We have seen many businesses owners try to manage an AdWords campaign on their own and get burned. They often come out with limited understanding of any real return on their investment, and lose confidence in this effective method of marketing.

Most in-house marketing team members do not have experience in managing an AdWords account, or the full time commitment required to constantly monitor and optimize their campaigns. This is why partnering with a digital marketing agency is the best way to take advantage of the technology and tools that are out there today.

At Bowen, we are a Google Certified Partner specializing in managing AdWords campaigns for businesses across various industries worldwide. Learn how your organization can receive a better return on your adwords campaign today.

When used correctly, AdWords is an amazing advertising tool and can bring in huge returns on investment for pennies per click. If you feel like you and your business have been burned by AdWords, or you want to learn more about how a managed AdWords account works, please get in contact with us today!

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